My dragonfly

 I wonder what other people do when you are bored? And that means if you are bored facing your monitor the whole day. I asked this question to my friends and they told me that they like to go shopping. Some says they like to read or they like to cook. But for me I like to walk and with my camera I like to take photos. Yesterday, I felt my brain is burn out ^_^ I don't know what I am doing but I just feel like I have to go out even if the ground is wet. But that is what I like, when the ground is wet and the air smells fresh and the grass has still the dew hanging on. I was walking towards the field and immediately it came on me that their are many dragonflies and butterflies around. I was at the middle of the field standing and the grass are tall as me observing how insects interact to each other. The dragonflies is much easier to take photos while the butterflies are hard. They don't stay long on one flower they hopped from one flower to another so I had a hard time taking pictures of them. Then I noticed this dragonfly in front of me. It seems that he is not afraid that I was there. So I took a lot of photos and when I see the photos in the monitor I found out that the wings are broken. Too bad I didn't noticed it immediately I so wished I was able to help this poor dragonfly. ^_^


Art said…
Dragonfly looks good, great work!

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