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Finished a book

Congratulations to me I just did finished a book. Well not this week but last two weeks ago. Before the cellphones, texting, emailing, blogging or internet, photography came into my life I am into reading books. I remember when I was in grade school, my mom is a teacher, she brought teachers journal all the time because she sees that I love reading. She told me that when I was very young, while she was doing her lesson plan, I sit beside her and as if I am reading the book but I am describing what I've seen on every page like fast!! Hmmmm that's why I think I am a visual person lol!!  While in grade school I have this classmate who had many books that I like, and guess what it is, it's children's book. Yup, I borrowed his book in recess time and I won't  go out the classroom just because I want to finished the book before the class started again. One time hubby and I went to Costco and I found this one big packed of children's book. My attention was drawn to the …

Barn Charm

I am always excited with Barn Charm meme because I think I grew up not having any idea how a barn looks like. Or how huge it is. Now that I am here in the US most specially here in MI I happened to see red barns, small or big, dilapidated, abandoned or well maintained one. Today I love to share my find....

A drive by photo shoot that's why it's not focus well. Anyhow, looks like this barn is in used. I see car tracks on the cemented path. I bet inside is hay's and I think some animals and heavy equipment. ^_^
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Rodent control is here

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Victor Pest. All opinions are 100% mine.
Uploaded with Skitch! I was watching a show on tv  last night and it's all about  rodents infestation.  I couldn't believe that some people experienced this kind of infestation in their household. The show was accounted with true people who told  their story about the infestation. One part of the show was about rats that  really dominated almost every where in the whole house. Hubby was with me watching the show but he couldn't watched it, he has this fear of rats so  he didn't finished the show but I did. I was thinking about the show today and I am so thankful that we didn't see any signs of rodents living around our house or outside  the house. Then I looked at the dictionary what are really considered as rodents.  Found out that  mouse and rat, which hubby don't like are considered rodents and so the squirrel.  This afternoon, hubby and I went to his daughter's h…

A birthday

Just came home from a birthday dinner party at Fuji's Restaurant.

No more worries

No more worries guys and gals  a  debt consolidation loans is here for us to grab anytime we decided we want to. I was at my friends house yesterday for a friend's birthday lunch date. While we are gathered around the table our conversation is about all the bills, credits that we all have to pay every month!! Here in MI the economy is totally bad. I think we are still in the process of recovering but I fell it takes time to do that because the huge auto factories seems like not opening for work. So everybody is tightening their belt and it's kind of hard because everybody has to pay debts. One of my friend was a bit frustrated because they can't cope up paying their debt so I told her to find somebody who can give them  debt consolidation advice which is for me the best idea to do right? Life is hard this days specially if before what everybody do is to buy anything they want on credits. Now that there is no job that people could find decent it's hard to live day by day…

Wall mount mailbox

Last night I enjoyed chatting my brother over the internet because he told me the latest news of our neighborhood there. Our conversation shifted to the balikbayan box that I've sent them 2 months and until now it's not yet delivered. He also told me about how our neighbors had this quarrel to an electric bill collector because the electric company cut off the line and she was so surprised about that. Well they all found out that she was not able to receive the bill delivered every month because the electric bill deliverer just leave the bill where ever he could find a little hole in the customers door!! I was laughing about it, it sounds funny but it did happened to us too. Nobody in our neighborhood did I remember having a wall mount mailbox. When a postman or a collector came to the house they just leave the letters or bills to a neighbor who happened to be outside the house, ain't that ridiculous? But I live with that kind of lifestyle though and not until I came here …

You need a car insurance

Kind of busy today. This morning I went to our library to attend the second session for a computer class. There were not too many there I think some forget about it and some did came late. Anyway, after the class I immediately went to a friends house for a birthday lunch. I was really pretty later because it was like almost 2:00 pm when I reached at her house. But still food are still there and I did ate a lot. Friends are gathered around the table, some are eating and we talked about how here in MI were speared the snow storm this time. I asked my friends if they had a very good insurance with their car because I knew of  a full coverage insurance quotes which if they are interested I can give them a website for them to check immediately. Because everybody is already aware of saving a lot this time some of my friends asked about the site. What makes it funnier is that we compared our car insurance and I got shocked because some of them paid too much compared to what I paid mine. Anyho…

Sky Watch

Was at my friends house when we spotted this beautiful sky. We went outside and took several photos even if the temperature is below 10F.
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A letter from my kids at church

Yesterday was my Catechism class at church. I am teaching the third grade and I do enjoyed it always. I arrived yesterday a bit late just a matter of minutes after 4pm. When I was in the room I see that some of my kids are there already and when they saw me they told me that I have a letter from them. I said I am going to read it later. But the later become ages I did forget it so L told me Ms Mary don't forget to read our letter and I said oh yes, I forgot it! But then we were busy and I was busy catching up that day's lesson and preparing the activity that we gonna do. Then L told me again Ms Mary you have to read our letter, by then she was holding the letter and handed it to me, I don't have any way out but to read it. Here is what the wrote me....

Dear Mrs. Marry

                         I am so happy that your my teacher. Then could you

                         maybe give as popcorn next week or coockies or cake. 

                         You rock! You rock!


Meadow Brook Hall

Last Thursday hubby and I and his cousin went to take a looked at one of the most famous mansion here in Michigan. This mansion is situated in the middle of Oakland University. The story is that the Dodge family donated this property to the school and it's more than a thousand of acres. I went outside to get a tour schedule and inside they don't allow camera ^_^. But I was able to take a picture outside of the mansion. By the way, I was not able to take  a picture of the garage area and it's huge too. Here take a look!
             As we are approaching the place, we are at the driveway this is the right side of the mansion

        The left side of the mansion, didn't took a photo of the garage side which is a continuation of this mansion because I was so excited and overwhelmed of the size of this house...errr mansion!!

                      I so wish I did took a photo of the door, it's like I am in the middle age era.
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Choose Life

Yesterday, I watched the MARCH FOR LIFE held at Washington, DC. They've been doing this for 38 years when America legalized abortion in 1972. I would love to read what transpired in that time. I was watching and in front the whole time and I saw the influx of people who came to say or tell to stop abortion. I knew that when a teenage gets pregnant one thing that comes to her mind his parents and the shame and burden she will suffer. But not thinking of the LIFE inside her womb. But now so many organizations from church and others who help this kind of dilemma. So many couples are waiting to when they can have a child of their own through adoption. While watching the MARCH, I saw some banners saying "Adoption is the solution" and a lot more. Then I heard chanting like "Yes Obama your mama choose life" which for me it does not only refer to one person but also to all of us. But I also came to think of it, their chanting is also true, what if our Presidents mother…

Diet plans

As I have said last week I was able to lose 10 pounds!! Yup and it's about diet plans and all the stuff that I did with myself. Before, every new year my new year's resolution is to lose weight. And that is every year but at the end of the first month of the year I find it frustrated because I haven't lose even a pound. Well this year it was a different story and I am so happy that I did lose some of my unwanted weight.
What makes me more happy is that I feel that I do not pant that much. I also don't feel my heart thumping when I lay on my right side at night. To have a goal to do diet plans is not for adults only but also for the growing kids. To eat nutritious foods and keep away from all the junk and preservative foods makes us more healthy and alert every day. I think one thing that added to our stress is that we don't have plans to what we gonna eat and do of our life. These are essential to us and if we keep our commitment to eat the right food we are on the…

Street/Store signs

Hubby and I had a long drive today. We visited his son and the family who lives in the north part of MI. Along the way I took some photos and here you can see our gas price per gallon.
                   Going West you end up somewhere in Illinois and going East you end up in Port Huron where there is a bridge going to Canada.
                                          Just asking how much is your gas price as of today?

                                                  Had a brunch at Big boy today after church.
                                 I really wonder what is grub means? Why it always came with pub?

                This is a very dilapidated barn what amazed me is the sign, hehe! Peso not dollar?
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Free links

I love blogging. I've been blogging since 2005 and since then I am hooked. It was only last 2009 when I start making money on blogging and it was fun. I also found out that many people are into blogging. Of course, they talked about what they are most like to talked about like family, politics, photography, food, travel and a lot more. Those are just some of the categories that are out there. But to have a blog you also need some traffic, we need something that makes our blog stay on top of all the millions of blogs out there.  I was talking to a friend last night over the phone and she's been blogging for years and she is into technology sort of blogs and she is pretty good at it. I asked her about how to attract traffics and increase rankings on a blog site and she told me to take a look on   free link exchange and free links because by those two sites you will be able to know how to promote your blogs. They have tools and tutorials to teach you how to do it and she said that…

I lose 10 pounds and counting!

Yes seriously I lose 10 pounds!! The pounds that is so stubborn to get rid off. With my age dieting is fine of course, but I need a help to lose those unwanted pounds and that because I did drink Leisure 18 Slimming coffee. Yup, slimming coffee!! Never in my wildest dream that I could move that weighting scale gauge to move down. Many time I tried those over  the counter slimming "thingy" that we could buy over the counter. But found out that some gave me palpitation, some don't have any effect, some I don't see any improvement so I stopped  taking it. Well this time I am so pleased  that I found this slimming coffee. And because it did help me I decided to sell it. If it works for me it works for others too. I just so wish that the slimming coffee that I ordered last week will come next week. I am out and I need it badly, lol!! So if anyone loves to try it email me and will email you back.


 As of today March 17, 2011 I lose more than 5 lbs.…


Here is my entry for this week meme....Photo Hunter
                                     That tiny little hands celebrates her 1st birthday last Saturday.

Student loans

It's another Friday once again. I think we are almost at the end of the month of January sooner or later Valentines will be here. We don't have snow today and it's a sunny day here in MI but our temperature is 9F that's why the snow isn't melting and it's too cold outside.
Tonight will be our family fish and chips dinner. My step son called his Dad (my hubby) to meet him later this afternoon I think they are going to talked about his step-daughter. Anyway, his step-daughter is going to high school this year. And she likes to go to college, take medical course. Here in Michigan we have pretty good school but her choice is to go Pennsylvania which is a bit far and of course the expenses would be a bit high too. I told my hubby that there are a lot of options to choose from. There is student loans which can help a lot added to the monthly financial help from her parents. I think almost all of the students has loans to pay after they graduate. My hubby didn't se…

A droplet

Yesterday we had snow and rain. It was very cold but I still took a photo. The result looks like good for me ^_^.
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Doctor's opportunity

Just come home from a day of running around. Basically, we are out the whole day. We saw my hubby's cousin at Rochester area and go for a lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant. Last night, I had a long talked with my cousin's who lived in London for quite sometime now. They both are nurses and they both worked at a hospital and the are doing pretty well with their chosen career.  As the three of us chatted over the internet and a web cam in tow, they consulted me about their plan of going to a new level of their career. My other cousin whom I could tell is pretty smart is the one who is planning to plunge into becoming a doctor. She already inquired for a medical management courses and her two close friends who are doctors, which I guess she got her inspiration, told her that there is such a thing as teach the teacher for doctors, and that means that she has so many options to choose from and just looked around for what she thinks will do her good and that she has a sincerity to be …

Watch my sky

One cold afternoon the sunset is so pretty
                                                           I like the two red circle

                                                     Took this behind a screen window
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Lots of food

Went to a friends house today for lunch. There were only three of us and mind you we had a lot of food to share and that is not included the fruit salad and ensaymada for desert, yum! What we had for lunch is kare2x, sisig, ginagmay, meat balls, just all delish. After eating we watched the movie Avatar. Haven't watched this movie when it came out and I find it really good. It has a lesson to be learned and that's for me is important for a good movie. So gonna go night night and see you all tomorrow!

Wear your helmet

Good morning every one. Woke up this morning with the same temperature we had for the past weeks 16F. Thankfully, it's not snowing hard it looks like  flurries and I am okey with that though. In Winter time what I missed so much to see on the road are the motorcycle bikers and my step-grandsons sports motor cross bike. My steps-sons and step-daughters and that includes with their spouses have this huge motorcycle and they ride with friends going state to state. I find it really cool because riding a motorcycle it's an open air ride. I knew so many people who go for motorcycle rides too and my hubby just told his son's and daughter's and even his grandson's to wear their HJC helmets! He always remind them not to forget or speculate that because you just go to a place very close from your place you already don't wear a Motorcycle helmets, that is very wrong!! A huge NO NO!! So many lives were spare because they use Motorcycle helmets and many people know that but s…

Water Wednesday

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