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I love blogging. I've been blogging since 2005 and since then I am hooked. It was only last 2009 when I start making money on blogging and it was fun. I also found out that many people are into blogging. Of course, they talked about what they are most like to talked about like family, politics, photography, food, travel and a lot more. Those are just some of the categories that are out there. But to have a blog you also need some traffic, we need something that makes our blog stay on top of all the millions of blogs out there. 
I was talking to a friend last night over the phone and she's been blogging for years and she is into technology sort of blogs and she is pretty good at it. I asked her about how to attract traffics and increase rankings on a blog site and she told me to take a look on   free link exchange and free links because by those two sites you will be able to know how to promote your blogs. They have tools and tutorials to teach you how to do it and she said that's what she used when she start her blogging thing. I told myself if it works for her it will work for me too. So I will try to check this out and start from there.


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