Meadow Brook Hall

Last Thursday hubby and I and his cousin went to take a looked at one of the most famous mansion here in Michigan. This mansion is situated in the middle of Oakland University. The story is that the Dodge family donated this property to the school and it's more than a thousand of acres. I went outside to get a tour schedule and inside they don't allow camera ^_^. But I was able to take a picture outside of the mansion. By the way, I was not able to take  a picture of the garage area and it's huge too. Here take a look!
             As we are approaching the place, we are at the driveway this is the right side of the mansion

        The left side of the mansion, didn't took a photo of the garage side which is a continuation of this mansion because I was so excited and overwhelmed of the size of this house...errr mansion!!

                      I so wish I did took a photo of the door, it's like I am in the middle age era.
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Vernz said…
Wow, ang gara...ganun sila ka yaman.. very nice place manang KIm ..dropping by for ABC..

ABC Wed Here
massive is right; impressive

ROG, ABC Wednesday team
Wanda said…
No that is no winter cottage... It's massive and so impressive. Would love to see inside.
George said…
This is a fantastic mansion. It's too bad you couldn't take pictures inside.
promdi said…
huge house, errr, mansion pala. visitors will be transported to the middles ages. i would be like queen elizabeth, perhaps:)
Big is an understatement for this mansion.

ABC Wednesday Team
Wowza it is a massive place.
Joyce M
It is hard to believe people used to live like that-- and they weren't even rock stars or athletes!
Francisca said…
Wouldn't want to be the one that had to keep that mansion clean! Impressive building.
Linda said…
It's amazing to think that someone lived in that big of a place...
Donnie said…
That is just amazing. The rooms must have been huge.
Rebecca said…
I so love to visit historic places-wish you could have gotten some pics from the inside!
What a wonderful, enormous place! It reminds me of some of the "stately homes" I've visited on trips to England. Too bad you weren't able to get any indoor shots!

Happy Wednesday, and have a great week!
~ Joy @ Joysweb
Eden said…
What a beautiful mansion! It is massive. Great photos.
Wow....what an incredible place to visit. Can you imagine living in such a vast environment? And to donate the mansion AND the acreage, that in my mind, is awesome!!

I enjoyed the outdoor tour.
Thanks for visiting with me yesterday. Your company is always appreciated.
Dhemz said…
wow! pagka nice kau sa place te...mura man pod ni ug sa Europe...ehehehe!

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