Choose Life

Yesterday, I watched the MARCH FOR LIFE held at Washington, DC. They've been doing this for 38 years when America legalized abortion in 1972. I would love to read what transpired in that time. I was watching and in front the whole time and I saw the influx of people who came to say or tell to stop abortion. I knew that when a teenage gets pregnant one thing that comes to her mind his parents and the shame and burden she will suffer. But not thinking of the LIFE inside her womb. But now so many organizations from church and others who help this kind of dilemma. So many couples are waiting to when they can have a child of their own through adoption. While watching the MARCH, I saw some banners saying "Adoption is the solution" and a lot more. Then I heard chanting like "Yes Obama your mama choose life" which for me it does not only refer to one person but also to all of us. But I also came to think of it, their chanting is also true, what if our Presidents mother choose abortion and not life we don't have a black president as of this time right? Then I also learned that since at the beginning American alone aborted 50 millions of babies!! That makes me had a goosebumps. A staggering 50 millions?? Don't you think that those 50 millions has already graduated from college and maybe some of them are great doctors who already discovered the cure of cancer. Or many of them are in religious order or a great preacher. Or another software genius or another Mother Teresa in the making? Or another beautiful and handsome actors and actresses? Or another real estate tycoon? Or another great farmer, great father/mother, a teacher, doctor, nurses, the list goes on and on. But their life was cut off before they are born A VERY SAD story to process, in our mind right?

The other night I also watched  this police story and there is this man who is convicted for murder. He said he never do it but he was convicted and the sad part is that he is death row. A cousin of him knew about his story and dig about his case so they appeal for his case and it was re-opened twice and twice he was convicted!! Amidst the evidence that make you really think if he is really the one, two set of juries convicted him. Until the judged overturned his case and set him free because the judge himself is doubtful of his crime. He was in jail after spending 10 years and caught the real murderer!!! What a story huh??? It makes me think how many do you think in the death row or in jail are truly innocent? I didn't say that when anybody commit a crime you will not be incarcerated of course that person should pay his crime because in everything we do or done there is always a consequence. What I just like to tell is that I am not into death penalty nor abortion I choose life.


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