Doctor's opportunity

Just come home from a day of running around. Basically, we are out the whole day. We saw my hubby's cousin at Rochester area and go for a lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant. Last night, I had a long talked with my cousin's who lived in London for quite sometime now. They both are nurses and they both worked at a hospital and the are doing pretty well with their chosen career. 
As the three of us chatted over the internet and a web cam in tow, they consulted me about their plan of going to a new level of their career. My other cousin whom I could tell is pretty smart is the one who is planning to plunge into becoming a doctor. She already inquired for a medical management courses and her two close friends who are doctors, which I guess she got her inspiration, told her that there is such a thing as teach the teacher for doctors, and that means that she has so many options to choose from and just looked around for what she thinks will do her good and that she has a sincerity to be one.
I told her last night that she can be whatever she wanted to because she is smart. Her first course was Pharmacy and she came out as top ten in the Pharmacy board exam. After she worked at a hospital as a Pharmacist she took Nursing and when she took the board exam she passed it with flying colors and that brought her to UK. So I encouraged her to talked to her husband and two sons. She told me that she also  looked for consultant interview course as the advise of her two friends and for the first time she told me she got nervous thinking about the a consultant interview. I knew she can do it I told her just one step at a time.  And don't get too stressed out thinking about it everything will work out fine.


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