Finished a book

Congratulations to me I just did finished a book. Well not this week but last two weeks ago. Before the cellphones, texting, emailing, blogging or internet, photography came into my life I am into reading books. I remember when I was in grade school, my mom is a teacher, she brought teachers journal all the time because she sees that I love reading. She told me that when I was very young, while she was doing her lesson plan, I sit beside her and as if I am reading the book but I am describing what I've seen on every page like fast!! Hmmmm that's why I think I am a visual person lol!! 
While in grade school I have this classmate who had many books that I like, and guess what it is, it's children's book. Yup, I borrowed his book in recess time and I won't  go out the classroom just because I want to finished the book before the class started again.
One time hubby and I went to Costco and I found this one big packed of children's book. My attention was drawn to the book and from no where I was  teary eyed, wahhhh!! Hubby was surprised and I told her about my story and he told me we are going to buy it for me to have a disclosure of my past, geezzzz!! I didn't buy it I should for my nieces and nephew ( but I could find children's book for sale for .25 cents) but I did touched it and remember the past and then let the feeling GO! Now  here in the US we are privilege to have all the books we want, my gush my bookshelf is full for un-read books and read books. But because of blogging, tv shows and movies I have no time to read, which is bad!!
That's why I am so happy I just finished one the first of 2011. And gonna start another and I am destined to do it!!! By the way, before I forgot this book is amazing. It's about the story of a certain era in China were children's  feet will be bound for their soon to be spouse and it's their way of determining how beautiful you are, to have a lotus kind of feet. If you could find this book in your library take it a must read book!


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