A letter from my kids at church

Yesterday was my Catechism class at church. I am teaching the third grade and I do enjoyed it always. I arrived yesterday a bit late just a matter of minutes after 4pm. When I was in the room I see that some of my kids are there already and when they saw me they told me that I have a letter from them. I said I am going to read it later. But the later become ages I did forget it so L told me Ms Mary don't forget to read our letter and I said oh yes, I forgot it! But then we were busy and I was busy catching up that day's lesson and preparing the activity that we gonna do. Then L told me again Ms Mary you have to read our letter, by then she was holding the letter and handed it to me, I don't have any way out but to read it. Here is what the wrote me....

                                      Dear Mrs. Marry
                         I am so happy that your my teacher. Then could you
                         maybe give as popcorn next week or coockies or cake. 

                         You rock! You rock!

                                                                          Leah B.
                                                                          Helena B.
                                                                          Morgan S.

Aren't they so sweet!! They didn't know that their wishes will come true next week because two classes will be merging (4th and 3rd grade) and we are going to have an activity they gonna enjoy. And the food will be over flowing because Mrs Marry (Me) is going to bring food!! 
White they are doing crafting I took a photo of them...but sorry guys can't show their photos here I had no permission from their parents to put their photos for the whole wide world to see.  Ciao!


George said…
What a sweet letter to receive from your students!

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