Wear your helmet

Good morning every one. Woke up this morning with the same temperature we had for the past weeks 16F. Thankfully, it's not snowing hard it looks like  flurries and I am okey with that though.
In Winter time what I missed so much to see on the road are the motorcycle bikers and my step-grandsons sports motor cross bike. My steps-sons and step-daughters and that includes with their spouses have this huge motorcycle and they ride with friends going state to state. I find it really cool because riding a motorcycle it's an open air ride. I knew so many people who go for motorcycle rides too and my hubby just told his son's and daughter's and even his grandson's to wear their HJC helmets! He always remind them not to forget or speculate that because you just go to a place very close from your place you already don't wear a Motorcycle helmets, that is very wrong!! A huge NO NO!!
So many lives were spare because they use Motorcycle helmets and many people know that but sometimes because of speculation or maybe some don't like the feel of a wearing a helmet they don't, and that will create a huge danger and a problem. My grandson's as I have said earlier are into motor cross sports and for so many times when they are competing they fall and crashed but thankfully there were no huge damage that has been done because they wore HJC helmets. To those who loves to ride motorcycle specially that Spring and Summer will be soon be here, don't just settle for any kind of helmets go for HJC helmets, it's affordable, colorful and comfortable.


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