Wall mount mailbox

Last night I enjoyed chatting my brother over the internet because he told me the latest news of our neighborhood there. Our conversation shifted to the balikbayan box that I've sent them 2 months and until now it's not yet delivered. He also told me about how our neighbors had this quarrel to an electric bill collector because the electric company cut off the line and she was so surprised about that. Well they all found out that she was not able to receive the bill delivered every month because the electric bill deliverer just leave the bill where ever he could find a little hole in the customers door!! I was laughing about it, it sounds funny but it did happened to us too. Nobody in our neighborhood did I remember having a wall mount mailbox. When a postman or a collector came to the house they just leave the letters or bills to a neighbor who happened to be outside the house, ain't that ridiculous? But I live with that kind of lifestyle though and not until I came here in the US that I found out that a house mailboxes should be mandatory to be mounted in every house.
I  told my brother that me and hubby are going to looked for a very good, cheap, and durable wall mounted mailboxes. And I like him to tell my relatives and friends there if they like it too so I can send them all. Here in the US I am so amazed by how beautiful those wall mount mailboxes my friends has. The design and the color is what I do like. With what I have seen here I like to have my family to have it too. For now I am browsing the site and had an eye to two mailboxes already. ^_^


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