Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Xoom versus Western Union

Every month I sent money to my family in the Philippines at least twice, take note of the twice, lol!  Yesterday I sent money to my niece through Western Union because she told me later that night that the exchange rate went up to 45.00 pesos for a $1. The next day hoping that the rate is still the same I sent the money through Western Union with a whooping fee of $12.00!! When I saw at the paper that I signed up it says that the Western Union exchange rate was 43.88 = $1 I was so surprised how much it decreases and that fast. So I came home and get online and hoping that my niece is waiting for me. She get online in time and I told her to get the money right away and tell me how much is the exchange rate. When she get back she found out that the rate is 44.93 =$1. Well at least it was not that bad huh!! Then I logged in at the XOOM website and found out that their exchange rate is 44.52 pesos = $1 and the good thing in XOOM if you take your money from your bank it only cost you $4.00 and if it's from your debit card it will cost $7.99. 
Oftentimes, I get confused about their exchange rate and why it only takes minutes for them to increase or decrease their rates. Sometimes Western Union has a good exchange rate and when you get the money in the Philippines you can ask if you take it in dollars or in peso. So you have an option there. My wish is that the dollar exchange will increase  and Western Union fee decreases. ^_^  I've been sending money through XOOM but never that I was given a coupon or a code that I'll get a discount, grrrr!! Anyway, that's life in abroad sending money to the Philippines is like an errand lol!!

Watery Wednesday-Water Falls

 A not so high water falls located at Frankenmuth, Michigan

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Want to wander outside

For few days now, I wanted to wander outside most specially at the back of our property to see if there are ripe wild grapes already. But it seems that the weather is not permitting me the temperature is too hot!! To look outside from my window is very inviting but once I step out from the door I could tell it's like burning. I hope it would mellow down a bit this next few days so I could take pictures.

Wasserstrom for supplies

I am one of the avid fan of cooking shows. I think no day that would pass without me taking a glimpse of what is going on in the world of cooking shows. I like watching those competition and felt sad when somebody is out because his/her food is not that good, or his/her presentation is not too attractive. And I don't like to see them go and for me they are all winners for a fact that they were chosen to compete among the hundreds of applicants. But what wonders me is how fast they work in the kitchen. As I knew basing on the introduction they are all chefs in their own respective places. Every time they are given an assignment they are too quick to build their own recipe and voila they can create a good food.
I love to cook too and I my dreams is to enhance my passion in cooking. Few days ago my DH granddaughter came to the house to gave us zucchini bread, my first to ate zucchini and it is good!! Anyhow, she is a good cook I told her, she already cooked weddings specially to our relatives and her friends parties. In our conversation she came to tell me that she really have a passion in cooking and in fact she is considering making it as another income, like accepting catering. Right now, she told me that she found Wasserstrom restaurant supplies as a must to have and to own before plunging the world of catering. She found out that their restaurant equipment are used mostly by professional chefs. And if that so, then the quality  is really good!!
I could tell while I listened to my DH granddaughter that she did her research because she is well versed to all  and she knew what she is doing. I could tell that this is her passion and I tell you she already had some professional cookware that's when she used when she is cooking for family weddings and parties. I'll hope that her dreams would come true because when you follow your dreams and your passion that is where you are happy.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Online Education

I remember when me and my siblings were growing up my parents always remind us that Education is very important. They told us that we don't have vast of land and money to inherit from them in case they pass away. That knowledge is the only thing that nobody could take away from us, and we go far if we have a good education. Those words inculcated in my mind growing up. So when I get to college I finished my Accounting degree for three years and a half. I didn't take rest like in summer, I had to take at least 3 subjects it was not fun but it's worth it.
When I get here in the US I  like reading The Chronicle it gives a lot of information about Education and what's going on out there. Some people stop reading or doesn't like to read but not me. I like to read anything most specially if an article got my attention. And then I also found out that here in the US we can get an online education. And so if you are a mom with kids or you  are working and likes to get a further study, we can enroll online and get online education. Walden University offers a vast choices of online education. I always compare and go long hours searching for a good online school and Walden University stands out among the rest. If you see in their website, you can find a lot of information you want to know just right in the first page. In this time and generation competition is every where and stiff. But if you come to a work force and you have enough knowledge that you get from Walden University you'll just say bring it on!!

Planter for your flowers

When you go to a place like your friends house, or any commercial buildings, what do you noticed immediately? For me it's their Indoor planters, Outdoor planters and even Window box planters. I am a person who prefers live plants than plastic. Because live plants helps clean our air! Aside from that, live plants that are put in a beautiful Planter creates a different beauty that people sometimes stops and look at if it's true or not. 
Last weekend hubby and I went shopping and in my mind I had to find a not so big Indoor planter because I want to transfer my Daisy to a beautiful planter. I have three different kind of Daisies and I wanted to save them from withering this Fall and I want them to continue flowering this Fall and Winter too.  I've been looking for a great and affordable Planters and thankfully a friend of mine who also love plants told me of a website where they have plenty of items to choose from. From a High end Planters to Decorative planters the choices are limitless. I am thankful of her information because in this site I found out that they had Garden planters which I am considering as one of my project next year. 
As I've said I love flowers and to enhance the beauty of the flowers it needs very attractive Planters. For now I set aside a budget for my Indoor planter because it's my goal to bring in my Daisy this Fall and Winter.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Something red, yellow and blue

Hubby and I went to a Cider Mill this afternoon. The temperature is 92F, and if you live here in Michigan that is too hot, extremely hot!! When we arrived at Porter's Orchard and Cider Mill, we didn't see any people. (where are they hiding?). We saw two cars parking at the parking lot, other than that nada! Hubby was surprised we didn't see anybody around, I told him it might be because it's too hot! But we continue to go inside the store and hubby bought his favorite ice cream, butter pecan with a waffle cone. Then we went outside and roam around.
                                                                   The store sign
                                                                       The store
                                                       The playground with out the kids
                                           And to my surprise a tree with autumn colors!! ^_^

 A tower, with a very blue sky
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Rustic furniture

Had a good time yesterday at my friends house. Her son celebrated his 3rd birthday!! Went there around 4pm and came home almost 10:00 pm. My hubby knew that if it's a Filipino party I enjoyed it a lot, not just because of the food but also the camaraderie of Filipino friends. They had pinata for kids, and even the adults love  to do pinata but since it is kid party no way for the adults to intervene, lol! 
Anyway, when we get there my friend were so excited to show her new  rustic furniture it was so gorgeous, when I see it I can't wait to seat in there for hours. Well I did actually, because it's very comfortable, you don't feel any aches at your back. I told her I so like it, and she was also happy that what she saw online it is the same thing in person. When it was delivered she was so excited to put in her area of her choice. Now she want to stay there as long as she wanted because she feels that it's hers. Good for here!!

Fountain shadow

                                                        My little fountain almost forgotten.
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Saturday, August 28, 2010


     I can't remember if this is my own blood pressure reading, because 77 for pulse is a good thing for me,                                                 for a fact that I always have a higher pulse rate.

                                                                   Just a framed!
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Friday, August 27, 2010

My Son and I love watching America's Most Wanted

Contribution by Michale Greer

My son and I are big fans of America's most wanted show. We watch our favorite, true crime TV show on DirecTV. We like it because it helps to get criminals off the street. It seems like every week, they catch someone. I think that has a lot to do with the national exposure, this program gets.
I like the fact that they also help look for missing children. I know that if my child were missing, I would want them to look for mine. My son is 12 years old, and he says that the show makes him want to be a detective, when he grows up.
I remember one episode when they were looking for three prisoners that had escaped from prison. They were armed and dangerous. Because they showed the prisoner's faces on the show, they were captured, and in prison within a week. This show is truly amazing.
I enjoy watching the show with my son, because it gives us time together. Every week we look forward to the next episode. Every time I hear that they have captured another fugitive, it makes me feel a little safer. I like shows like this, because I think it brings closure to victims and their families.
My favorite episodes are when they are able to find the missing children. I think this is what the show does the most good.

Dogs love them!!

Hubby and I were at Costco today for our grocery shopping. I love grocery shopping there specially if I want to buy in bulk. As I was roaming around because I love to do that, I happened to walked at the aisle for dog foods. I have friends and relatives who has dogs and I knew that they spoiled them so much they buy anything they see. So I started to pay attention to the packaging of the dog foods. One product caught my attention and it's Natural NUBZ
It's a treat, dogs should not be deprive of. It is made of highly digestible natural ingredients. I read that it promotes fresh breath and healthy gums and reduce tartar, how cool is that!! It's made in the USA. And it's made with  real chicken, with no other preservatives that you can think of. 
After I read all the product features I immediately call my SIL, if she wants me to buy Natural Nubz, because for me this is the best treat for our beloved dogs. She asked me where it will be bought and I told her she would find it in Costco and she  can get a coupon value worth $3.50 and she had to hurry up because it is valid from  August 19 - September 12, 2010. Good thing that I call her because she is excited to get some for her three cute dogs. And so for all my bloggers friends, give a doggy treat for your dogs, they will definitely love it. 


                                            A Zebra I found not at the Zoo but at the County Fair!

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Web hosting to businesses

I've been watching a business channel last night and  I saw the ups and down of the stocks rates and all. It's kind of a roller coaster in there but to think of it, it's where business people glued every day to know what's going on in this arena called business. In this time and generation where people just go to the internet and type a certain name to search, small and medium businesses should know about Web hosting. Eve I myself have this question about what is really this word all about? Where could we found it and does it cost a lot to get it? To know all of this I found out that to managed hosting is hard if we don't know nothing about it. There are some words that are foreign to us and only if we ask and connect to them will we knew that, hey, it's worth it. If we have a small or medium business now a days, a lot of competition out there. And to those businesses who had their own server already it's not a problem there is this  colocation that they offer. They will handle your server and take care of it, while you just manage your business to at it's peak. That sounds cool huh! So come and look at it and find it out how good it is.

It's Friday!

It's Friday once again how days fast so quick huh! Today I am not feeling well, it's my woman's monthly thing (did I say it right?). I feel lousy and a little pain here and there, grrr!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Brady Bunch Costumes

Last year, hubby and I went to a Halloween party. It's my first time to attend one and I kind of liking it. I told myself not to spend a lot of money since I only wear it once and I did though. What kind of confuses me is where to find a good costume. We went to several stores but  I found all the costumes very common. I wanted to be different but also not too expensive. Anyway, we only wear it once! This year I am already thinking of what I am going to wear. I am looking forward to a this party because it's fun. What's more exciting is that I found this  Brady Bunch Costumes very unique and not too expensive. Right now I am browsing their site and I am already confuse what I'm going to wear. But I have my eye to at least 3 costumes right now. Got to narrow down this before buying lol!

Habits. While Shopping

Content by Edward Massey

I've noticed that I have been going to the same store to do my grocery shopping. But, there are not many options in a small town. Me and my boyfriend always find ourselves shopping at Wal-Mart. We actually just went earlier today. I set our motion detector alarm before we left as usual. I always love grocery shopping because it is nice to come home to a kitchen full of food.
We went directly to the many grocery aisles, staring in awe at the variety of food choices. We always start at the very back of the store and work our way to the front where the cashiers and self-checkouts are. The drinks, snacks , and dairy products are located in the back of the store. As usual I got our milk, cheese, eggs, and diet soda. We got our frozen foods last and headed to a self-checkout line. I think they are convenient and faster to use. We didn't purchase many items this particular trip but we will probably be again in a few days. I am always satisfied whenever I leave Wal-mart.
Even though my small town does not have many options, Wal-mart is a great place to get a variety of things that are needed. They have plenty of food options and the customer service is always willing to lend a helping hand.

In defense of Venus Raj

I've been reading some of the messages in facebook and some other social networking website. And the most talked about topic is the answer of Ms Philippines candidates for Ms Universe 2010. The question comes from William Baldwin, and he asked about what MAJOR mistake that Venus did and what she do to overcome it (something to that effect). So she answered that in her 22 years of existence she doesn't have a MAJOR MAJOR problem because her family confidence etc etc!!
That was what others said her downfall. My hubby told me if she didn't do any MAJOR mistake in her life what can you say in the first place? Do you just have to create a mistake because you are asked for it? And besides many if asked with this kind of question can't answer it right away, much so you are in a pageant.
But what ticked me off is to those Filipino who thought much about themselves. They scrutinize Venus for her answer. Oh well I just wanted to ask this people have they had an experienced being on stage? Or I might say even in the Purok level they can't pass because their fez is not acceptable! Hahahaha! Yun lang!

It's Thursday morning!!

Good morning people of the universe! How's everybody in this beautiful Thursday morning. I hope everybody had a good rest last night. Well here at my end our temperature is above 50F that is cold, and I woke up very early I don't know why, though last night I chatted with my brother and I end up going in bed a bit late. It's the start of a new day and my plan for today is to do a little bit of laundry, fold the clean clothes, vacuum the other bedroom and (let me think) I think that's it for now I don't want to overwhelm myself about work, I end up grouchy ^_^

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Heading Out the Door to Shop!

Guest post from: Issac Bird

As you all know, I'm a coupon junkie, and Fridays are a great day for me to catch up on my grocery shopping, because there's always a slew of coupons available online and on Facebook. Today I found a coupon for $5 off at Dollar General AND a buy one, get one free coupon for Starbucks. I'm so excited about the Starbucks coupon because I always feel guilty treating myself to one of the DoubleShots -- my favorite -- at full-price.
Getting the two kids and myself out the door to shop can be kind of a challenge, but we've turned it into a game, and everyone has their own responsibilities. Cindy, my 7-year-old, is in charge of carrying the coupon binder, since she's working on subtraction in school right now. I figure tallying coupons and sale prices is good work for her! Dale, my youngest, carries out all the reusable bags. This system works great, because it leaves my hands free to set the security alarm monitoring on my way out the door, and then to help everyone get settled in the car. All I have to remember are the keys!

County Fair

Last year and this year here in MI we don't have a state fair. I once went to a state fair and it was fun. What makes me go and see fairs is to eat elephant ear ^_^ I don't go for rides but I like to see the winning animals though. This year we went again to our county fair and I enjoyed it a lot.
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Life is wonderful.

This afternoon I watched this movie titled Life is wonderful. This movie is one of my favorite movie. Hubby likes the title but he doesn't like the story at all. He  has a soft heart he never watched movie or shows about wars, killing. But he let me watch but he won't watch with me.
Anyhow, in this movie it's all about the Jews living in Germany. When the second war started the families where torn apart. Some were killed and many went to different places. What really touched my heart is for the father who take charge to her son. He hid his son in the bunker were all the men are in prison. The German soldier don't have any idea that a boy was living inside the bunker. The mother was in the same camp but situated in different bunker. One time the wife had a job cleaning the elite soldiers house and she saw an old phonograph. She took a recorder and let it play. The sound travels all over the death camp, that's when the husband knew that his wife is alive. When the American soldier came and took the survivors, the kid survive and was able to reunite his mother while they where walking  along with the American tanks on the road. The father died defending his son to be alive.
For me the story is good, I know that it is tough to see people are killed in wars and we declare that the movie is good. But somehow this story is true one way or another. I know that many prisoners before in that holocaust was able to tell their stories how hard it was to survive in that war. But it also send a message to me that love will always prevails. Love and a real relationship somehow makes a person wanted to live. A husbands love to his wife and a love to his son in this story is remarkable! Life indeed is wonderful!

Window views & Doors 2

The entrance to a lot of beautiful stores!
                                                         This is in Frankenmuth, Michigan

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Again, watching my backyard birds this morning. And as I was watching a small cutie pie Bluebird passed the window. I grabbed my camera and ...