Wasserstrom for supplies

I am one of the avid fan of cooking shows. I think no day that would pass without me taking a glimpse of what is going on in the world of cooking shows. I like watching those competition and felt sad when somebody is out because his/her food is not that good, or his/her presentation is not too attractive. And I don't like to see them go and for me they are all winners for a fact that they were chosen to compete among the hundreds of applicants. But what wonders me is how fast they work in the kitchen. As I knew basing on the introduction they are all chefs in their own respective places. Every time they are given an assignment they are too quick to build their own recipe and voila they can create a good food.
I love to cook too and I my dreams is to enhance my passion in cooking. Few days ago my DH granddaughter came to the house to gave us zucchini bread, my first to ate zucchini and it is good!! Anyhow, she is a good cook I told her, she already cooked weddings specially to our relatives and her friends parties. In our conversation she came to tell me that she really have a passion in cooking and in fact she is considering making it as another income, like accepting catering. Right now, she told me that she found Wasserstrom restaurant supplies as a must to have and to own before plunging the world of catering. She found out that their restaurant equipment are used mostly by professional chefs. And if that so, then the quality  is really good!!
I could tell while I listened to my DH granddaughter that she did her research because she is well versed to all  and she knew what she is doing. I could tell that this is her passion and I tell you she already had some professional cookware that's when she used when she is cooking for family weddings and parties. I'll hope that her dreams would come true because when you follow your dreams and your passion that is where you are happy.


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