Dogs love them!!

Hubby and I were at Costco today for our grocery shopping. I love grocery shopping there specially if I want to buy in bulk. As I was roaming around because I love to do that, I happened to walked at the aisle for dog foods. I have friends and relatives who has dogs and I knew that they spoiled them so much they buy anything they see. So I started to pay attention to the packaging of the dog foods. One product caught my attention and it's Natural NUBZ
It's a treat, dogs should not be deprive of. It is made of highly digestible natural ingredients. I read that it promotes fresh breath and healthy gums and reduce tartar, how cool is that!! It's made in the USA. And it's made with  real chicken, with no other preservatives that you can think of. 
After I read all the product features I immediately call my SIL, if she wants me to buy Natural Nubz, because for me this is the best treat for our beloved dogs. She asked me where it will be bought and I told her she would find it in Costco and she  can get a coupon value worth $3.50 and she had to hurry up because it is valid from  August 19 - September 12, 2010. Good thing that I call her because she is excited to get some for her three cute dogs. And so for all my bloggers friends, give a doggy treat for your dogs, they will definitely love it. 


MOLLYE said…
You are the cutest thing I've ever seen. I love your style of writing and I know I would love you too! Thanks for visiting Jake's Story and I hope you come to my bloggy and visit me too! XXXHugs, Mollye

PS Thanks for the doggy tip.

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