My Son and I love watching America's Most Wanted

Contribution by Michale Greer

My son and I are big fans of America's most wanted show. We watch our favorite, true crime TV show on DirecTV. We like it because it helps to get criminals off the street. It seems like every week, they catch someone. I think that has a lot to do with the national exposure, this program gets.
I like the fact that they also help look for missing children. I know that if my child were missing, I would want them to look for mine. My son is 12 years old, and he says that the show makes him want to be a detective, when he grows up.
I remember one episode when they were looking for three prisoners that had escaped from prison. They were armed and dangerous. Because they showed the prisoner's faces on the show, they were captured, and in prison within a week. This show is truly amazing.
I enjoy watching the show with my son, because it gives us time together. Every week we look forward to the next episode. Every time I hear that they have captured another fugitive, it makes me feel a little safer. I like shows like this, because I think it brings closure to victims and their families.
My favorite episodes are when they are able to find the missing children. I think this is what the show does the most good.


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