Life is wonderful.

This afternoon I watched this movie titled Life is wonderful. This movie is one of my favorite movie. Hubby likes the title but he doesn't like the story at all. He  has a soft heart he never watched movie or shows about wars, killing. But he let me watch but he won't watch with me.
Anyhow, in this movie it's all about the Jews living in Germany. When the second war started the families where torn apart. Some were killed and many went to different places. What really touched my heart is for the father who take charge to her son. He hid his son in the bunker were all the men are in prison. The German soldier don't have any idea that a boy was living inside the bunker. The mother was in the same camp but situated in different bunker. One time the wife had a job cleaning the elite soldiers house and she saw an old phonograph. She took a recorder and let it play. The sound travels all over the death camp, that's when the husband knew that his wife is alive. When the American soldier came and took the survivors, the kid survive and was able to reunite his mother while they where walking  along with the American tanks on the road. The father died defending his son to be alive.
For me the story is good, I know that it is tough to see people are killed in wars and we declare that the movie is good. But somehow this story is true one way or another. I know that many prisoners before in that holocaust was able to tell their stories how hard it was to survive in that war. But it also send a message to me that love will always prevails. Love and a real relationship somehow makes a person wanted to live. A husbands love to his wife and a love to his son in this story is remarkable! Life indeed is wonderful!


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