In defense of Venus Raj

I've been reading some of the messages in facebook and some other social networking website. And the most talked about topic is the answer of Ms Philippines candidates for Ms Universe 2010. The question comes from William Baldwin, and he asked about what MAJOR mistake that Venus did and what she do to overcome it (something to that effect). So she answered that in her 22 years of existence she doesn't have a MAJOR MAJOR problem because her family confidence etc etc!!
That was what others said her downfall. My hubby told me if she didn't do any MAJOR mistake in her life what can you say in the first place? Do you just have to create a mistake because you are asked for it? And besides many if asked with this kind of question can't answer it right away, much so you are in a pageant.
But what ticked me off is to those Filipino who thought much about themselves. They scrutinize Venus for her answer. Oh well I just wanted to ask this people have they had an experienced being on stage? Or I might say even in the Purok level they can't pass because their fez is not acceptable! Hahahaha! Yun lang!


Kayce said…
hahaha! fez talaga manang kim! naku! di ko rin masasagot yung tanong pag ako tatanungin noh.. ang hirap kaya..baka kukuha nalang ako ng interpreter... nyahahah!
Manang Kim said…
Ako din Kayce di ko din agad masagot yun nang tumpak kasi ang dami ko naman major mistake hehehehe!
imriz said…
yup,in fact at the NAIA, she said she could answered the question rightfully if she could have an interpreter. haha
Manang Kim said…
Hi Imriz, ganun? Taray!! Basta sa akin okey na yun, kung ano yung nasa isip niya at that moment yun na yun. Sa susunod dapat may interpreter na din tayo hahaha!

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