Xoom versus Western Union

Every month I sent money to my family in the Philippines at least twice, take note of the twice, lol!  Yesterday I sent money to my niece through Western Union because she told me later that night that the exchange rate went up to 45.00 pesos for a $1. The next day hoping that the rate is still the same I sent the money through Western Union with a whooping fee of $12.00!! When I saw at the paper that I signed up it says that the Western Union exchange rate was 43.88 = $1 I was so surprised how much it decreases and that fast. So I came home and get online and hoping that my niece is waiting for me. She get online in time and I told her to get the money right away and tell me how much is the exchange rate. When she get back she found out that the rate is 44.93 =$1. Well at least it was not that bad huh!! Then I logged in at the XOOM website and found out that their exchange rate is 44.52 pesos = $1 and the good thing in XOOM if you take your money from your bank it only cost you $4.00 and if it's from your debit card it will cost $7.99. 
Oftentimes, I get confused about their exchange rate and why it only takes minutes for them to increase or decrease their rates. Sometimes Western Union has a good exchange rate and when you get the money in the Philippines you can ask if you take it in dollars or in peso. So you have an option there. My wish is that the dollar exchange will increase  and Western Union fee decreases. ^_^  I've been sending money through XOOM but never that I was given a coupon or a code that I'll get a discount, grrrr!! Anyway, that's life in abroad sending money to the Philippines is like an errand lol!!


imriz said…
yup, i hate that W.U charges a bit high. dollar rate depends on the current trading rate.
so generous nman manang kim...more blessing:)
rjs mama said…
you are such a good aunt :) can you be my aunt :D

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