Online Education

I remember when me and my siblings were growing up my parents always remind us that Education is very important. They told us that we don't have vast of land and money to inherit from them in case they pass away. That knowledge is the only thing that nobody could take away from us, and we go far if we have a good education. Those words inculcated in my mind growing up. So when I get to college I finished my Accounting degree for three years and a half. I didn't take rest like in summer, I had to take at least 3 subjects it was not fun but it's worth it.
When I get here in the US I  like reading The Chronicle it gives a lot of information about Education and what's going on out there. Some people stop reading or doesn't like to read but not me. I like to read anything most specially if an article got my attention. And then I also found out that here in the US we can get an online education. And so if you are a mom with kids or you  are working and likes to get a further study, we can enroll online and get online education. Walden University offers a vast choices of online education. I always compare and go long hours searching for a good online school and Walden University stands out among the rest. If you see in their website, you can find a lot of information you want to know just right in the first page. In this time and generation competition is every where and stiff. But if you come to a work force and you have enough knowledge that you get from Walden University you'll just say bring it on!!


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