Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rustic furniture

Had a good time yesterday at my friends house. Her son celebrated his 3rd birthday!! Went there around 4pm and came home almost 10:00 pm. My hubby knew that if it's a Filipino party I enjoyed it a lot, not just because of the food but also the camaraderie of Filipino friends. They had pinata for kids, and even the adults love  to do pinata but since it is kid party no way for the adults to intervene, lol! 
Anyway, when we get there my friend were so excited to show her new  rustic furniture it was so gorgeous, when I see it I can't wait to seat in there for hours. Well I did actually, because it's very comfortable, you don't feel any aches at your back. I told her I so like it, and she was also happy that what she saw online it is the same thing in person. When it was delivered she was so excited to put in her area of her choice. Now she want to stay there as long as she wanted because she feels that it's hers. Good for here!!


Cassie said...

Wow you are just the opposite of me. I don't care for parties or large crowds. Today our church celebrated it's 1st birthday and there was a big picnic and lots of people...I wanted to get out of there quickly, but because of the the occasion knew I should stay and help celebrate. I have to force myself to fellowship, as I know it is important! Have a good day.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

It is always wonderful to be with your Pinay friends to celebrate the third birthday of her kid. Her rustic furniture really turned you on. You can buy one if you like and enjoy then same relaxing seat like your friend. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.


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