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Sky Watch

For the past few days we always have a cloudy and gloomy skies. I kind of concern I might not have a good sky to share with. But last two days ago we had pretty sunsets. When I saw it I jumped out from the couch and with just my pj's I went out to take photos.
                                             The sun tried to color the sky and it did.

                                                               Before the sun set

                                    And here is the beauty. It makes the whole landscape great!

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Travel buddy

I love to travel and so my friends. I had just chatted my friends who is going to visit in California to get away from the snow here in Michigan lol! Well can't blame them,  anyway it's just too cold and snow never melt it just stayed like forever. As we chatted, well you know how it goes now on the internet you can chat and see each other and with not just one but two friends or more which is fun. I could see that they are so excited for their up coming travel and right now they are looking for fine Restaurants, Hotels and Coffee Shops to hang out. My friends are not picky they just want to be in a place where they feel safe and welcome and who doesn't right? So I contacted my cousin who lives San Diego Hillcrest Area for he knew these place since birth ^_^  thankfully he is very willing to accompany my friends and show the places around. My friends are gays and I so love them they are the nicest people in the world nicer than some women hahahaha. That's why I told my …

Our 6th wedding anniversary

Early this morning actually it's dawn time hubby woke me up with a kiss and greeted me. It's our 6th wedding anniversary and we are thankful for this day. I've meet hubby on August of 2001 and since our means of communication is through the internet and a long distance call we managed to make our long distance relationship worked. I know some people have a hard time figuring out how a long distance relationship works, for me it's the same thing with any kind of relationship, you have to have trust to each other, fidelity is a must, communication is important and prayer is a priority. That's why ours worked because of those values that we put on us. Until on May of 2003 he came to the Philippines to visit and see me in person. And the rest is history hehehe. Arrived here in the US November of 2004 and six years ago today we were married. To be uprooted from my native country is difficult. I left behind me my family whom I loved deeply but with my loving husband who u…

The Wonders of Christmas Lights

Guest post from: Kent Lara

One of my favorite things to do is take a drive on a cold wintery night only a few days before Christmas to find the best Christmas lights in the area with my husband and children. One thing I always do is make sure that I set my home alarm (website) before I leave so that no one will steal my gifts! I always stop and get a big cup of hot chocolate and then search for the best neighborhoods in the area. Typically, the nicer neighborhoods have the best Christmas decorations and light show. My favorite place to go is the place that has the lights synced with Christmas music. They have Christmas music broadcasted over a special radio station and the lights flash and flicker along to the beats of the music. It truly is a spectacular sight to see and my kids are amazed at how the lights move along to the music. I also enjoy lit up houses minus the music because I know a lot of work was put into it. I plan on carrying this tradition on until my child…

Watery Wednesday

Took this single icicle at the end of the gutter.

                  These was taken at the church. Lot of icicles around the gutter it's like a short curtain.

Next week we meet here will be 2011 I'd like to greet in advance to my fellow bloggers a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Be safe and take care you all!
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Ruby Tuesday

Before Christmas day I asked hubby what does he like for me to prepare for Christmas eve dinner or "noche buena". He enumerated some dish and lucky me I already knew how to cooked them. I decided that this year there will be a blending of two cultures the American and Filipino tradition. I suggested it to hubby and he loves it. So the food that I prepare are all American no Filipino ^_^. Got to eat after attending the mass we call it in the Philippines "noche buena", then the opening of gifts. The result was intimate, I lighted candles and he sliced the beef roast ^_^. This coming New Year I have another plan another tablescape another blending of two cultures/traditions. ^_^

                                The gifts... hubby had only one hehehe! And two Christmas cards!
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Blue Monday

Last two weeks ago I was in SA looking for something. A woman carting from their storage took a lot of stuff and display it on the shelves. One stuff got my attention immediately a bunch of plates. I asked her if I could looked at it and she gave to me one plate. It is pretty so I thought as I looked at the back hmmmm it's Mikasa!! Though it's not complete it's only has 12 pieces for $19.00 I took it, lol!
Taken last Christmas day. A herd of deers at the front yard.
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The Village

I love miniature village. So when I saw this one decorated on top of a fireplace I took a picture of immediately.

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Life Insurance at 50's

Wow Christmas is done and we are waiting for the New Year to come! Getting excited for the 2011 to come and wish for the best this coming year.
Hubby and I were eating breakfast this morning and he told me that six more year I'd be in my 50's!! I myself couldn't believe that but it will gonna be sooner than we expect. Time goes by so quick we don't know were those time goes. It did make me think that I am not in my 30's anymore nor in my 20's, I am getting there as everybody says about me lol! And it's what life is we have to move on. But moving on with life we also have to have security from having a life insurance. Hubby is older than me and he is looking for a Life Insurance advice recently to some of his friends and family. But he found out that online you can get a Life Insurance quotes which is for me so good because right there and then you get a quote. That's why this morning he told me about this life insurance stuff and I couldn't agree mor…



Rosemary shortbread

Guest post written by Edwina Stephenson

Having a best friend who owns a catering business can be really nice at times. Any time there's a cause for celebration, she comes over with a gift basket full of cookies, bread and all kinds of really great stuff. I never get sick of eating her food and my family feels the same way. I also love to bake things and that's one of the ways that we bonded and originally became friends. Obviously there are more reasons we're friends now, but that was the start of it. I like to bake things for people for the holidays too and am always on the lookout for really neat recipes to fix. When I was looking online for some new recipes I came across some Clearwire internet specials and decided to take advantage of them after reading a little more about them. Now, I wanted to bake something for my catering friend this year and impress her. I do that most years, even though I'm not sure if my recipes really do impress her or she's …

A short hiatus

Well my friends I've been very busy this days. I have done shopping and wrapping and now I have colds. But it didn't stopped us from visiting friends and relatives in this Christmas season. Household chore is lurking around parties are everywhere. It makes me feel tired lol. Will gonna back to joining meme's and blog hopping after the Christmas is over. Ciao!!

The Most Important Part of the Holidays is Safety

This guest post from Hong Alexander

With all the excitement of the winter season, the hectic pace, and the frantic planning, it can sometimes be tough to remember that the most important part of the holidays is safety. Nothing can ruin a perfect day like a stolen wallet or family injury. With just a small amount of planning, nearly all of these accidents can be avoided. The most important thing to remember is that there is a lot of money being thrown around during the holidays which means pickpockets and criminals find this time of year to be one of their most fruitful. Shopping on the internet can be a great way to bypass these types of criminals as long as you be sure to shop at reputable online stores. If you do decide to venture out and brave the crowds, be sure to bring the least amount of cash that you need as well as only one or two credit cards. It is a huge hassle to call a half dozen credit card companies and banks to cancel your accounts. So set your home alarm…

Pot racks

Wow four more days and it's gonna be Christmas!! I am not the kind of person who would shop to the last minute I don't like waiting a long line just to pay for less than $20 or $10. So I did some shopping online. Hubby told me that I can picked what I want for Christmas because he wanted that I would love it and not be going to returned later. So I did!! I haven't told him what I shopped yet but for me who loves to do some cooking I did bought enclume pot rack. Our kitchen is not that too big and we don't have much space so when I saw online this beautiful enclume pot racks I am smitten by it. As I browsed the website I found out that there are a lot of put racks that I could choose from but since my kitchen is not that huge I picked up that is very practical and just right for my kitchen. Last night, my step daughter came to visit us and I show her what I bought online and she also love it and she told me that enclume potracks is worth buying for they have a very good p…

The sign

Yesterday hubby and I was out the whole day. First at 10:30 am we attend mass. Then after the mass the youth ministry offered a breakfast for $5.00 which includes three kinds of pancake, bacon, scrambled egg, sausage, coffee, juice, peaches. Ain't that all good? After eating I posed with St. Nick he asked me what is my wish for Christmas I said a new car hehehe. Anyway, after the church activities we went to visit my DH cousin who is in the hospital for more than a month I think. He is in a life support now and we hope and pray that he will survived this ordeal. I spotted this sign outside the elevator at the parking lot.
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It's Sunday

It's the last Sunday before Christmas and today I am so excited to see St. Nick at the church. You see he is going to visit us and take time to have a picture with the kids and some adults lol like me!! At our church today there is a $5.00 breakfast and with that St. Nick is there to entertain us wohooo!! I definitely will bring my camera so as to take a lot of photos with him. ^_^

Used cars in Tampa, Florida for sale

I love to look at new cars. I can always spot the cars  that I so love and dream to have it one day ^_^. The other day we were at the mall shopping and we spotted several displays of new shiny cars. We looked at the interior of the car and when we looked at the tag displayed on the car window my jaw dropped the price is staggeringly high!! I told to hubby how am I going to afford this? hahaha!  But in every concern their is always a solution right? I know for sure I would never buy a new car because of the high price. I don't want to have a monthly payment for cars in 36 months for me that is very stressful. When for the first time I learned to drive my first car is a used one. We pay it cash! ^_^ For me there is no problem with buying a used cars. I have this theory that once a car is out in the car dealers parking lot that car is now a used car. So by buying a used cars is almost the same as a new one. What is the difference is that when it is used no matter what is the year mode…

Photo Hunt-Male

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This week skies

This week we had two days snow storm and watching the sun came out I couldn't help but appreciate it. And even if the sun is out the temperature is always below 10F. Thankfully, we didn't reach below zero "yet". Sunrise


                                                                 Another sunrise

                                                Another sunrise which exudes beautiful color (east)

                                           At the same time I took the West part just gorgeous!
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I love chocolates

Christmas is fast approaching and everybody is almost done shopping. Hubby asked me what I wanted this Christmas and I said it's a secret, lol! He told me it's kind of hard for Santa to shop if everything is "secret". I said well I would list it tonight so Santa could read it in the midnight. But oh well I would tell it here that one thing that I will write in my wish list is to get lots of chocolate candies!!! Yes I have a sweet tooth and I think sweet fairy agrees to me I love it very much. I have a particular liking for a chocolate candies and hubby always ordered it online and so I think he knew what I would love to have. Every time hubby bought this candies I am so excited for it to arrive. This time since it's Christmas  time they had a pretty good deal. They give discounts and the choices are so many. I've once again looked at their website and I ended up drooling lol. I can't wait to eat this yummy chocolate candies can't help it they are so g…

Red balls

Two days ago we had a very bad snow storm. But amidst of the snow and cold wind I took a picture of my colored wreath (that I made) and as I looked at it after the shooting I noticed it has  a very beautiful reflection. See it?

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