Life Insurance at 50's

Wow Christmas is done and we are waiting for the New Year to come! Getting excited for the 2011 to come and wish for the best this coming year.
Hubby and I were eating breakfast this morning and he told me that six more year I'd be in my 50's!! I myself couldn't believe that but it will gonna be sooner than we expect. Time goes by so quick we don't know were those time goes. It did make me think that I am not in my 30's anymore nor in my 20's, I am getting there as everybody says about me lol! And it's what life is we have to move on. But moving on with life we also have to have security from having a life insurance. Hubby is older than me and he is looking for a Life Insurance advice recently to some of his friends and family. But he found out that online you can get a Life Insurance quotes which is for me so good because right there and then you get a quote.
That's why this morning he told me about this life insurance stuff and I couldn't agree more. He was so ready to tell me about everything and I was just there listening to him. In his inquiries he found an Over 50's Life Insurance which he told me that is good for me lol! I told him I might not wait to get a life insurance until my 50's but he said who knows if he can get a good quote why not? I just let him do this kind of stuff he is good at it. 


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