Ruby Tuesday

Before Christmas day I asked hubby what does he like for me to prepare for Christmas eve dinner or "noche buena". He enumerated some dish and lucky me I already knew how to cooked them. I decided that this year there will be a blending of two cultures the American and Filipino tradition. I suggested it to hubby and he loves it. So the food that I prepare are all American no Filipino ^_^. Got to eat after attending the mass we call it in the Philippines "noche buena", then the opening of gifts. The result was intimate, I lighted candles and he sliced the beef roast ^_^. This coming New Year I have another plan another tablescape another blending of two cultures/traditions. ^_^

                                The gifts... hubby had only one hehehe! And two Christmas cards!
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A very pretty collection of Christmas photos! Love all the colours!
Ralph said…
That is a lovely and thoughtful table setting! To prepare such a nice theme is the result of love and affection. The presents are wrapped with care, and beautiful. It looks as if christmas was wonderful for you two!
Sounds like a wonderful time. Your table is beautiful ~
iamclarizze said…
what an elegant table setting, love those china sets
George said…
Your Christmas table was beautiful. I like that you have combined two cultures/traditions in your celebration.
imriz said…
you have beautiful collection there, manang kim. fine dining tlg ang set-up.

happy new year in advance.
Love your table setting, Kim...
Nice to know that you have a wonderful Christmas time :)

Thanks for dropping by
chubskulit said…
Wow ang ganda ng presentation mo ate!

Christmas Tree Ornaments with sentimental values, happy holidays!
eden said…
Very nice table setting, Kim. Love it.

Happy New year
Mayet said…
those candelabra are beautiful!
i like the table setting, your kababayan is here =) happy holidays!
Auntie E said…
Love the Table setting. Happy new year to you!
maryt/theteach said…
Beautiful Christmas decorations, Kim! Happy Holidays! And thanks for posting for Ruby Tuesday! :)
Wifey10 said…
nice table setting there sis, very civilised naman =) hehe
Y. Ikeda said…
Lovely table setting, decorations, and beautiful dishes.
Happy Holidays.
Marice said…
the table arrangement, thats really nice :)

<a href=">u may view mine here</a>
EG Wow said…
Christmas looks very festive at your house!
daylily777 said…
Beautiful Christmas Pics !
Happy New Year !

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