Our 6th wedding anniversary

Early this morning actually it's dawn time hubby woke me up with a kiss and greeted me. It's our 6th wedding anniversary and we are thankful for this day. I've meet hubby on August of 2001 and since our means of communication is through the internet and a long distance call we managed to make our long distance relationship worked. I know some people have a hard time figuring out how a long distance relationship works, for me it's the same thing with any kind of relationship, you have to have trust to each other, fidelity is a must, communication is important and prayer is a priority. That's why ours worked because of those values that we put on us. Until on May of 2003 he came to the Philippines to visit and see me in person. And the rest is history hehehe.
Arrived here in the US November of 2004 and six years ago today we were married. To be uprooted from my native country is difficult. I left behind me my family whom I loved deeply but with my loving husband who understand me and very patient on me I don't have any regrets at all. On our 6th year, we are still counting for more anniversaries to come to enjoy each other and discover each others strength and weaknesses. To love, respect and understand each other is a daily commitment and with God in between with us for sure we are on the right path.


fredamans said…
I just had 10 years with my hubby on Boxing Day!
Happy Anniversary to you both!
George said…
Happy anniversary and congratulations.
Greet, but it would be better if in future you can share more about this topic. Keep rocking.

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