I love chocolates

Christmas is fast approaching and everybody is almost done shopping. Hubby asked me what I wanted this Christmas and I said it's a secret, lol! He told me it's kind of hard for Santa to shop if everything is "secret". I said well I would list it tonight so Santa could read it in the midnight.
But oh well I would tell it here that one thing that I will write in my wish list is to get lots of chocolate candies!!! Yes I have a sweet tooth and I think sweet fairy agrees to me I love it very much. I have a particular liking for a chocolate candies and hubby always ordered it online and so I think he knew what I would love to have. Every time hubby bought this candies I am so excited for it to arrive. This time since it's Christmas  time they had a pretty good deal. They give discounts and the choices are so many. I've once again looked at their website and I ended up drooling lol. I can't wait to eat this yummy chocolate candies can't help it they are so good!!


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