Travel buddy

I love to travel and so my friends. I had just chatted my friends who is going to visit in California to get away from the snow here in Michigan lol! Well can't blame them,  anyway it's just too cold and snow never melt it just stayed like forever. As we chatted, well you know how it goes now on the internet you can chat and see each other and with not just one but two friends or more which is fun. I could see that they are so excited for their up coming travel and right now they are looking for fine Restaurants, Hotels and Coffee Shops to hang out. My friends are not picky they just want to be in a place where they feel safe and welcome and who doesn't right?
So I contacted my cousin who lives San Diego Hillcrest Area for he knew these place since birth ^_^  thankfully he is very willing to accompany my friends and show the places around. My friends are gays and I so love them they are the nicest people in the world nicer than some women hahahaha. That's why I told my cousin to take care of them and he is going to which makes me feel at ease and happy. Now I am excited for their coming trip and wish them all the fun in the world!! ^_^


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