The sign

Yesterday hubby and I was out the whole day. First at 10:30 am we attend mass. Then after the mass the youth ministry offered a breakfast for $5.00 which includes three kinds of pancake, bacon, scrambled egg, sausage, coffee, juice, peaches. Ain't that all good? After eating I posed with St. Nick he asked me what is my wish for Christmas I said a new car hehehe. Anyway, after the church activities we went to visit my DH cousin who is in the hospital for more than a month I think. He is in a life support now and we hope and pray that he will survived this ordeal. I spotted this sign outside the elevator at the parking lot.
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Liz said…
Sorry to hear about your cousin. Hope he gets better soon.

Happy MYM.

Liz @ MLC
Definitely a yellow sign is always noticeable! I guess even in a hospital - to help with directions through all those levels and corridoors!
Luna Miranda said…
an eye-catching sign. sorry to hear about your husband's cousin.

i'm joining Mellow Yellow Monday here
Life Moto said…
kala ko anong sign.
Have a nice MYM

Lifemoto MYM
gengen said…
Interesting there is a color sign like that in the hospital. MYM!
Ann said…
so sad to be in Hospital at Christmas.
chubskulit said…

Mellow Yellow, hope you can still take a peek even if I am late with my visit. Have a merry Christmas!
eileeninmd said…
Happy MYM! The breakfast sounds like a great deal, lots of good things to eat.

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