Used cars in Tampa, Florida for sale

I love to look at new cars. I can always spot the cars  that I so love and dream to have it one day ^_^. The other day we were at the mall shopping and we spotted several displays of new shiny cars. We looked at the interior of the car and when we looked at the tag displayed on the car window my jaw dropped the price is staggeringly high!! I told to hubby how am I going to afford this? hahaha! 
But in every concern their is always a solution right? I know for sure I would never buy a new car because of the high price. I don't want to have a monthly payment for cars in 36 months for me that is very stressful. When for the first time I learned to drive my first car is a used one. We pay it cash! ^_^ For me there is no problem with buying a used cars. I have this theory that once a car is out in the car dealers parking lot that car is now a used car. So by buying a used cars is almost the same as a new one. What is the difference is that when it is used no matter what is the year model you can buy it cheap! That's the point right there.
Last night after we arrived from a Christmas party my friend called me. She lives in Tampa, Florida and she told me that her son just had an accident, that makes me had a crept under my skin. Thankfully, he was fine but the damage went to his car. My friend told me that he always drove and buy a used cars. He knew of a used car dealer in Tampa that he always go to and he loves the cars or trucks that is being displayed in the parking lot. He is also like me he likes to buy car most specially used trucks in cash he doesn't like paying it monthly. That's just being practical right?
For now as my friend told me he is still in a bit of shocked but thankfully he is doing good. But what is funny is that he is already thinking of looking for a Chrysler Sebring and or Ford Mustang. ^_^ My friend told me he can get it as long as he promised that he will be very careful the next time he is on the road. ^_^ And I think he did promised her and for that it is rest assured that he is going to have it soon.


venugopal said…
Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life

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Joselyn Sophia said…
That depends on the type of person you are. If you see buying a used car like buying used underwear, buy new. If not, buy used.
sanam arzoo said…
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Semen Rendi said…
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