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Eat and drink!

We are always told to eat healthy food. What are the healthy food? One of them is of course fruits and in my photos a red tray contained banana and apples. Remember our mom says "An apple a day keeps the doctor away"? I think that is so true. But I forgot to eat apple everyday, I think because I don't put it in mind?  But what about red wine? As I have known red wine is good for your heart.  Of course, we have to drink moderately and be responsible if you go out and drink please don't drive, okey? ^_^  Hubby and I tried to drink a little of red wine at night but again, it slips in our mind. But I see to it that when I eat meat at night I drink wine, for meat it should be red wine for seafood it should be white wine. I am not a wine connoisseur but I think I am right with this lol!                                                    Linking this post to RUBY RED TUESDAY

My niece turns 9

As I have wrote in my other blog. I consider my nephew and three nieces as my own. I basically take care of them since their birth except for MG who turned 9 last week because she was adopted right away by my brother. I loved them like my own and they bring me joy all the time. Just a simple Thank You can already melt my heart and they are also one of the reason why I have to visit Philippines other than that nada!
I remember growing up, my mother or father is going to butcher one chicken on our birthday and then we go to church but if we can't attend mass we are going to light a candle and say our prayers thanking the day. Now kids do have cake or lechon  (roast pig)^_^
 This is Mary Grace 9th birthday cake and I do like it. My birthday is just right in the corner and I will be like __ and I like to have a cake like this hehehehehe!
 MG is the one who is wearing pink and it's her birthday. And as sister do AG also like to stick around with her "ate" (elder sister) in …

Happy Sunday!

It's Sunday once again. Hubby and I are going to attend the mass at 10:30am. And if he likes to eat somewhere for brunch my take, lol!! Today, my plan is to finish my income tax return thingy ^_^ this is the priority of the day. Then read the second book that I've borrowed from the library. I am not too over gaga with the second one but I will try to find out what's gonna happen. It's my first time to read the book of this author and it seems that I don't like it, lol! Anyway, I am going to make a review of this book after I am done reading. Then I think I am going to take a long nap this afternoon to wind up for the next days to come, how's that for a good change ^_^. Happy Sunday everyone and take care!

SOOC Sunday

I had a good laugh when I saw our cat on top of a small evergreen. At first I wonder why he climb......
 ......he saw a bird. Didn't he think that bird will fly so quick? Just a little movement the bird is gone!! ^_^
...he then realize that he is in the middle of no where ^_^ and he seems panicked but not for too long he was out there before I could teased him, lol!

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Can you live without an electricity?

I was blog hopping and Ann, NZ put an entry in her blog about electricity. We all knew that Christchurch, New Zealand had a tremendous earthquake that  many are dead, may are injure and many are still missing. My heart and prayer goes out to them and I always continue to pray that those who are missing could be found. Growing up in the Philippines, it's not common to experienced earthquake. As far as I could remember I was in 5th or 6th grade that we had this earthquake that really shook  the house that we thought that is the end of the world. Luckily, my mom's brother was with us at that time so he was the one who hold our cabinet not to fall down. And we all ran out from our bedrooms but when you are in sheer panic you can't think right. Thankfully it didn't last long but the next morning we heard that one city located in the south part was the center of the earthquake and that they had a tidal wave or tsunami as well as an earthquake. From there I had many experienc…

Doing my laundry

It's Saturday once again and it's snowing too. When it's snowing outside I don't like going outside. I'd rather look out from my window and finish my laundry. I haven't done blog hopping I don't have the mood either. Also I am reading the book for our bible study this coming Thursday at the same time waiting for my load. I checked my Facebook too my brother send a picture of my niece birthday party. MG is already 9 years old how time flies that sooner or later she will be teenager, wohoo!! Okey for now gtg I have to finish my chores. ^_^

Back to workout

Yesterday, after hubby and I came from Detroit this was waiting for me at the mail box. I ordered this at Amazon and right away I had my first work out for the longest time. I was so sore I'd tell yah, lol!! And because I choose the beginner and from time to time I have to go back to the tutorial it takes me time to be done. All in all I lose 70 calories wohoo that is pretty good for a beginner huh!  Today, I started to do my work out again and I did it almost two hours. And I had 100 calories lose. Not bad for the day huh! Anyhow, after my exercise I felt sleepy and I looked at it in the internet it's because something change in our body. Now I am fired up!

Was at Detroit yesterday

Hubby and I was at Detroit today. We walked around and thank goodness the weather is pretty good. Unlike today that it's snowing again. We parked our car to a parking lot and started to walked around. There high skyscraper building are beautiful and the GM building is very prominent among all the buildings clustered in  that area. But I see the sign of time. I see many Leases sign and I only wonder those skyscraper building had some tenants at all. And while walking around I took some pictures from the hip which is I am linking this post to FRIDAY MY TOWN SHOOT OUT

Sky Watch Friday- Full Moon

“May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night and a smooth road all the way to your door.”

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Adult Formation meeting

Last night I went to the church at 6:00 pm to attend the Adult formation meeting for the first time this year. There were not too many of us but the meeting goes well. I am so excited that for several years I so long to be active at church just like what I do back in the Philippines. Now I am in the boat and our next meeting will be this coming March 22, 2011. Our director gave us things to work, to do and to list ^_^ and I have to start doing it now because ideas came popping in and if I am not going to write this I would forget it. Ciao!

ABC Wednesday-F

The color of FALL
FULL moon
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Watery Wednesday

Here in MI we are back to a single digit weather temperature. Since yesterday I didn't set my foot outside the snow is too high and it's to cold. Thankfully, we have our BIL, hubby's nephew and my hubby's son who has a snow plow. And so therefore, if people had a hard time shoveling their driveway our driveway is already cleared. What a blessing!! Here are my Watery photos this week.
                                                         At Frankenmuth, Michigan (Summer 2010)
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Had  you ever watched Hoarders on tv? I have watched this show for several times and only one thing that I am sure this hoarding thing is like a disease. As I watched each show and each person featured I feel the pain they go through. For me they experienced once in their life that they feel frustrated, depressed, unhappy and because of this negative feelings they go find things that will fill that hole or emptiness in their life. I couldn't believe how a single person could hoard so much that their is no place inside their house to walk on, to sleep, to even cook. But they tried to live with it and the bad part is that it take a great tool on their health. For sure if you are a hoarder you are not living a normal life. Something in your mind that is already not right. Yesterday, we were at my hubby's cousin and she told us that her BIL is a hoarder! I can't believe what I hear because outside of his house it's pretty good, it's clean but then as I learned more all…


When the snow melted two days ago I found birds merry making too ^_^. They hopped from one bird feeder to another and they seem didn't mind me taking picture at them. I saw a pair of cardinals but the one closest to me is the male cardinal but it's back is facing me. I waited for a while for this male cardinal to face me but it didn't. So I decided to take a photo right away and here is what I've got.                                                      Linking this post to Ruby Red Tuesday

Yellow flowers

Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the soul.
Luther Burbank

Flowers are happy things.
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Photo Hunt: Silhouette(s)

I took this yesterday and I set my camera  to Silhouette mode.

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Hubby's phone what a mess

This afternoon I was browsing here in the internet and all of a sudden I remember I have to call the cellphone provider of my hubby. I already receive next month bill and so I took it and look for the number that I am going to call. Thankfully, it didn't take long I finished the directions they ask me and a male voice responded my call. I asked him if my hubby's account is in contract. Lo and behold it is for two years???? I couldn't believe it! When we went to this cellphone store to change his phone because it's no good, we told him that we don't want a 2 years contract but it's okey with us if it's a year. My blood automatically boiled up, I knew it I told to myself. I really don't like that cellphone store in the beginning but hubby don't want to change his provider. I told him we already don't like him few years ago and why he don't listened to me? I was so mad I didn't expect he put us in 2 years contract. What I learned from my fr…

Sky Watch

One of those beautiful sunsets

“When I admire the wonder of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in worship of the Creator”  by: Mahatma Gandhi

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Books I borrowed yesterday

Yesterday I went to the Library after my Bible Study at the church. And I borrowed two books that I hope the story are good. One is written by Dean Koontz and the other one is Mary Jane Clark. It's my first time to read the works of this two authors because as I have saw it in the Library they wrote many books. Hmmm gonna start reading it now. Happy Wednesday!