Had  you ever watched Hoarders on tv? I have watched this show for several times and only one thing that I am sure this hoarding thing is like a disease. As I watched each show and each person featured I feel the pain they go through. For me they experienced once in their life that they feel frustrated, depressed, unhappy and because of this negative feelings they go find things that will fill that hole or emptiness in their life. I couldn't believe how a single person could hoard so much that their is no place inside their house to walk on, to sleep, to even cook. But they tried to live with it and the bad part is that it take a great tool on their health. For sure if you are a hoarder you are not living a normal life. Something in your mind that is already not right.
Yesterday, we were at my hubby's cousin and she told us that her BIL is a hoarder! I can't believe what I hear because outside of his house it's pretty good, it's clean but then as I learned more all his stuff are already in his pole barn and because he had this huge barn and a pole barn he had more stuff to put on. While inside it's getting more tighter and tighter and my hubby's cousin told us that she kind of sad for him and for the house which her sister and mother owned it before. The question is how are we going to help them when buying stuff and hoarding it makes them feel good? 
Last night hubby and I talked about it and I told him that it take a single step to come up with all those mess. Hoarding could cause marriage broken, relationships turn bad. I just hope that those who feel that he/she feel satisfaction in buying things watch out, you are opening a hole that their is a point of no return.


di ko pa napapanood iyan..
Rosey said…
We watch this show and my husband hates it because it hits too close to home with his "collections"

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