SOOC Sunday

I had a good laugh when I saw our cat on top of a small evergreen. At first I wonder why he climb......
 ......he saw a bird. Didn't he think that bird will fly so quick? Just a little movement the bird is gone!! ^_^
...he then realize that he is in the middle of no where ^_^ and he seems panicked but not for too long he was out there before I could teased him, lol!

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Teresa said…
Silly kitty--made adorabel pictures.
gengen said…
Oh the cat cute shot..Happy SOOC Sunday.
Jan said…
Good thing he has a fur coat, looks very cold. These are wonderful photos for today.
Joyful said…
That kitty has real hunting instincts ;-)
great catch, a scene in the everyday life of a cat
George said…
These are cute pictures. You have to give him credit for trying.

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