Back to workout

Yesterday, after hubby and I came from Detroit this was waiting for me at the mail box. I ordered this at Amazon and right away I had my first work out for the longest time. I was so sore I'd tell yah, lol!! And because I choose the beginner and from time to time I have to go back to the tutorial it takes me time to be done. All in all I lose 70 calories wohoo that is pretty good for a beginner huh! 
Today, I started to do my work out again and I did it almost two hours. And I had 100 calories lose. Not bad for the day huh! Anyhow, after my exercise I felt sleepy and I looked at it in the internet it's because something change in our body. Now I am fired up!


Calleigh said…
Wow... That's great to hear manang Kim.. at least you don't have to go on crash diet which causes harm than good. Keep it up. I use the ZUMBA :)
Kim, USA said…
Oh yes I can't stand with crash diet I get a headache and my age is not appropriate to do that. In other words don't have any more power lol! Hopefully, next month I can buy Zumba by that time my body is already a little bit soft and flexible hehe. ^_^
Evelyn said…
2 hours! Wow, that's great!

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