Happy Sunday!

It's Sunday once again. Hubby and I are going to attend the mass at 10:30am. And if he likes to eat somewhere for brunch my take, lol!! Today, my plan is to finish my income tax return thingy ^_^ this is the priority of the day. Then read the second book that I've borrowed from the library. I am not too over gaga with the second one but I will try to find out what's gonna happen. It's my first time to read the book of this author and it seems that I don't like it, lol! Anyway, I am going to make a review of this book after I am done reading. Then I think I am going to take a long nap this afternoon to wind up for the next days to come, how's that for a good change ^_^. Happy Sunday everyone and take care!


MarieElizabeth said…
I really like this new layout. Happy Sunday.
Soccer Mom said…
That looks like a very productive Sunday for you. Looking forward to your review.. ^-^

- Soccer WAGs

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