Can you live without an electricity?

I was blog hopping and Ann, NZ put an entry in her blog about electricity. We all knew that Christchurch, New Zealand had a tremendous earthquake that  many are dead, may are injure and many are still missing. My heart and prayer goes out to them and I always continue to pray that those who are missing could be found.
Growing up in the Philippines, it's not common to experienced earthquake. As far as I could remember I was in 5th or 6th grade that we had this earthquake that really shook  the house that we thought that is the end of the world. Luckily, my mom's brother was with us at that time so he was the one who hold our cabinet not to fall down. And we all ran out from our bedrooms but when you are in sheer panic you can't think right. Thankfully it didn't last long but the next morning we heard that one city located in the south part was the center of the earthquake and that they had a tidal wave or tsunami as well as an earthquake. From there I had many experienced with earthquakes.
That dawned on me what if these scientist that says about massive earthquake is going to happen?  We all rely on electricity and we can't do anything with out it. What we gonna do then? We don't have cash on hand as we are in a cashless generation. Almost all the houses now rely on electricity for their water to run through their houses. I can live I guess with out electricity as I have lived with it until in my high school years but I can't imagine if we don't have water! That I couldn't live without.


Yes, our prayers go to those who perished in the recent earthquake in New Zealand as well as to their surviving relatives. It is not only the scientists who predict a very massive earthquake that will befall the world but Bible prophecy as well. We just have to live with that Kim. Regarding the fact that water in your house and those of many Americans are run by electricity, it will really be catastrophic if a prolonged brownout will occur because of a massive earthquake. Dapat siguro magpagawa kayo nang deep well that is deep enough to have potable water. Let us just entrust our lives to the Lord. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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