Hubby's phone what a mess

This afternoon I was browsing here in the internet and all of a sudden I remember I have to call the cellphone provider of my hubby. I already receive next month bill and so I took it and look for the number that I am going to call. Thankfully, it didn't take long I finished the directions they ask me and a male voice responded my call. I asked him if my hubby's account is in contract. Lo and behold it is for two years???? I couldn't believe it! When we went to this cellphone store to change his phone because it's no good, we told him that we don't want a 2 years contract but it's okey with us if it's a year. My blood automatically boiled up, I knew it I told to myself. I really don't like that cellphone store in the beginning but hubby don't want to change his provider. I told him we already don't like him few years ago and why he don't listened to me? I was so mad I didn't expect he put us in 2 years contract. What I learned from my friends is that if they have 2 years contract they are given free phones or additional phone for just $9.99 a month! But he didn't say anything, NADA!! So I asked the person in another line how much I will pay to drop the contract and he says it's $170.00, gush!!
I will definitely tell my relative and friends of what he did to us. And will see if he is going to have a business from our family. In this time were people are trying to save because of the economic difficulties we are in, to find a cheap phones is an option. My phone is not a high tech one, lol! Mine is prepaid and I only used it when I am driving on my own, going shopping or going to a party alone, in other words my phone is for me and hubby only. Our land line phone cost only a whooping $20 a year and I am so happy of the service. 
So hubby's phone is the only one that cost a lot, can't wait to be out with that contract. He told me he is going to pay the $170 just to drop off the contract. I said no $170.00 is pretty much for me, better minimize the phone talk or calls so he won't exceed the minutes. ^_^
Hayyy if we don't do anything or have plans in this life we ended up in a mess. Thankfully, we don't own credit cards and don't have plan to have one. If we can't afford a certain stuff then don't buy as simple as that, right? Or save money to buy the stuff you like. But you know what base on my experienced as soon as you get home or after how many days you forgot that you have a liking to a certain things. In other words "things" or  "stuff" is not essential to your life what is essential is invisible to your naked eyes.  Happy weekend!


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