Was at Detroit yesterday

Hubby and I was at Detroit today. We walked around and thank goodness the weather is pretty good. Unlike today that it's snowing again. We parked our car to a parking lot and started to walked around. There high skyscraper building are beautiful and the GM building is very prominent among all the buildings clustered in  that area. But I see the sign of time. I see many Leases sign and I only wonder those skyscraper building had some tenants at all. And while walking around I took some pictures from the hip which is I am linking this post to FRIDAY MY TOWN SHOOT OUT


George said…
You are good at shooting from the hip. Neat pictures.
J9 said…
I like the person in the red boots with the red truck.
Jama said…
All the pictures comes out nicely.
Doreen said…
great shots on your walk. we had another snow storm with ice and all sat. I can't wait for Spring to come.

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