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Color Carnival~Playground

Went to McDonald last night and saw there kids play area. I think that is why kids do love it there because of the color and the slides.
                                        To see flashing colors visit at Color Carnival


My profession is always to be alert, to find God in nature, to know God's lurking places, to attend to all the oratorios and the operas in nature.
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A scent

As far as I could remember I love cologne or perfume. I love candles that has a very soft garden scent. When I was in high school and college I can't buy cologne or perfume it is expensive for me lol. But when I started to have my own money, I started to buy cologne or perfume and I like it that will last the whole day. How I long at those time to buy more expensive perfumes but I just couldn't afford it. Anyhow, when  I meet my hubby he asked me one time if what I do like. Well if you are a woman what you like then of course I told her jewelries (not much) and perfume etc. Later did I knew that he send me

grass scented perfume through fedex  and from then on I was hooked to the scent. I haven't imagine there is such thing as grass scented perfume not in a million years but I was so impressed by the scent that until now  I do love it.

Vinyl Shutters

Spring has sprung and it's time to do some make over around the house. Hubby and I are talking last Monday about our front window. It was kind of huge and if not with the curtain we could be seen from the road lol! But I like it though because the morning sun light will come in and it makes the inside of the living room warm. I did shopped some of the cleaning effects last Monday because I promise to hubby that I am going to clean the window as in speck and span clean. But one thing that I noticed in our window is that it lacks vinyl shutters and for me a window without a vinyl shutters is not a window. So I told hubby that for this year these would be our project to put a vinyl shutters. I have seen houses that has vinyl shutters and it does really look so attractive. I suggested it would be a bit reddish in color because the house wall paint is a bit yellow. I am so excited today because hubby is searching for a good deal and he told me that I will be surprise this couple of day…


This coming Saturday hubby and I are going to attend his son's wedding. Of course, since it is a formal occasion I have to look sharp lol! But my problem is I can't see a little bit far without wearing an eyewear and the bad part is that I don't like contact lens my eyes get misty all the time and I know I won't be able to enjoy the party. I told hubby that I need a new eyewear for the occasion and I showed him my old one. Gush, my old one we bought was an expensive one  but it doesn't look expensive at all. Hubby was so bad about it because he bought his eyewear at the same store too. Thankfully, we found online an eyewear that is not costly and it does look like very expensive. When I showed the site to my hubby he didn't hesitate to order it immediately as in ASAP!


Remember my cousin who works in London as a nurse? And she is going to be wed next month? Well, I had a chance to chat with her last night  and she told me that amidst with her busy schedule at the hospital she and her fiance was able to pull out some of their time together to prepare for their wedding. They are both nurses and though they have friends but they don't have families there. So they themselves are the one who basically prepare for their wedding. Thankfully, because of this new generation and everything could be found on the internet she got all what she wanted from searching online.  I remember one time she ask me how is she going to put all the pictures in the wedding albums since they got back to work immediately after their honeymoon and for sure they don't have much time to do that. So I told her that is not a problem everything is online I told her to check if somebody around her area can prepare a wedding photo album  for her. And she ever corrected me by te…

ABC Wednesday~O

The huge tree in front of the house OVERSHADOWED the other tree
                    One of my unforgettable day of my OATH taking day (last year) as a US citizen!!

                                         My hubby's favorite his OLD fashioned all natural OATS

I love ORCHID and this one was given to me from a friend.                              More to discover and see of the letter "O" here at ABC Wednesday

Nikon cafe

When I got my first ever dslr Nikon D5000 I was so happy. I considered it as my baby. Hubby noticed that it is always on my side and I used it everyday. Well, I enjoyed taking pictures and though I am a newbie I managed to get good pictures. And I guess because photography is one of my passion I always look and read the 216 pages manual which sometimes it overwhelms me so much!! LOL! After, I had the camera I searched the internet to look if there is a Nikon forum and voila I found one. So I registered at and there I saw beautiful pictures from professional and newbie photographers like me. Then yesterday I was tinkering some buttons in the camera and when I took a photo of my orchid I noticed the blurred image and there is no beeping sound nor the focus ring that blink when I push the shutter. I was then in a panic mode, I took plenty of photos but the same thing happened it's all blurred. Here's an example of it The whole afternoon I was so worried I kept on read…

Invest in gold

My MIL passed away almost 6 years ago and she left behind gold coins that are not worthless ^_^. After, six years of her passing her children decided to divide among themselves what was left behind. They also found some silver in her box. I just wonder why it was not converted to money and why she kept it there for a long time? My MIL did live a very good life, worked hard, and love by her children. Her only vice is to keep her hair done every week. LOL! And she is happy about it then.  Last night, hubby and I were talking about his childhood life working and enjoying farm work with his parents. They don't know nothing about investing in gold. Now on tv we heard and watched  gold news all the time. That is why it makes me and my family knew and dig more deeper on this matter specially it involves investing our money. And just like what hubby had said it is not only gold but other precious metals too that are worth investing for. In this economic turmoil only gold coins and precious…


Do you spot the yellow tulip?

The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be and that God wishes to see people happy, amidst the simple beauty of nature.
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In time like this, I think if somebody could still invest on something. We knew that our economy is down for now and everybody is struggling so hard to fight what we are experiencing right now but investing I don't know. Well I heard long time ago what my father had told me that in any given of time there is always a good thing that comes out of it. So it instill on me not to lose hope and to see the light in a long dark tunnel. That is why when hubby and I are talking and sharing plans together, we come oftentimes about investing and that is why finding a good investing company who can handle your money is a great opportunity. So when Cavalry Portfolio Services comes out from our talk we knew  we are in good hands. And that it does serve the people really well and they are transparent about anything. I knew if me and hubby will do pursue what we plan we don't hesitate to get there services it is like being at home.


I've been stuck in the house and I couldn't get out and take a stroll outside because it is still a bit cold. I have nothing to do but just thinker something around the computer and then do some playing online. Luckily I found this site funbrain I had a good time in this site I forget what time it is. Though I cough from time to time but because I am enjoying playing online I loss track of time and I forgot to take my cough medicine, lol! Anyhow, I chatted my niece this morning and I told her right away about funbrain and with out much further ado she was hooked at it and she told me just now that she is having so much fun. Well it is summer time in the Philippines and no classes so she can play online games when ever she wants. 

Shadow Shot Sunday#101

A shadow from a wilted flower.
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RRC: Anything in threes

Kids are hard to photograph ^_^. So while I was in a party and found the kids playing and running around I took a photo of them and they were thrilled about it. Here's my three's.
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SkyFriday- Another sunset

Awesome sunset!                                                   More sky photos at Sky Watch Friday

Not feeling well

I am not feeling well since yesterday. The other night I couldn't sleep I had a very bad sore throat. Then I started to cough, I did sleep a little bit but when I woke up yesterday I could tell I am not okey. It is so rare for me to get this sick and I don't like that feeling. Gonna blog hop later, just being a coach potato here and instead of resting and sleeping I had a movie marathon instead lol!!


I do like to read. I was at the library the other day and I was overwhelmed but too many books. I thought while I was inside the library that I should know what book I am going to lend or else I am going to get a stiff neck trying to read all the books in each aisle. ^_^ But what fascinates me too are those books that are written for somebody else. It's like your story of your life. I just wonder if is it all true or what. I do like to read autobiography of prominent people and even the saints they inspire me a lot.  One time I told hubby if there is such a thing like autobiography writing and how it goes? I have so many questions and I do like to write that is why I am so curious about it.  Hubby told me that there is such a thing like autobiography writing because you just don't write somebodies life without them knowing personally and their family as well. He added to say there is always a way on anything. Like when you capture memories it is easy if there is always photos. …

ABC Wednesday~N

I've been browsing my picture folder to look for a photo that starts with letter L. Thankfully, I had one my new camera, hubby gave me as a Christmas present last year. My first ever dslr camera, and I am happy with it. My Nikon!                                          See more of letter L's here at ABC Wednesday

Grande Shores...

One of the most appealing resort that I wanted to spend this Spring and Summer is Myrtle Beach Resort because every time I heard about my relatives who had been there talked about it, it's all positive. Last two weeks ago hubby and I went up north MI and the people we've meet there knew about Grande shores and they are happy that they've been there. They told us that if we go there we should not skip playing golf because they have beautiful golf course.  Last night while hubby and I are in bed we talked about going down south for his birthday getaway and that is when I told him that my interest for now is to go to a Resort in Myrtle Beach. I told him many times that it interest me because the resort is along the beach and it has a  golf course that he could play any time he wants. And if he doesn't want to play golf I could go around doing some shopping, how cool is that. Just like what our friends told us last few weeks ago. One thing that I so consider to stay in Ocea…

Love Statistics?

Well guys and gals I am not talking about vital statistics but the statistics taught in the school ^_^. I was in 3rd year college when part of my minor subject is statistics. Me as not a math lover hated it, even if I haven't seen what is really statistics but because for what I have heard that it is very hard and the teacher of that subject is mean and the teacher love to gave a failing grades I am already scared.  One time somebody asked me why I don't like math when I am an accounting major? Hmm, I thought about it but in accounting I see it as using the basic math  and not the hard way. This morning I chatted my niece and she told me about her subject in nursing course and that is statistics. I told her welcome to the real world!! She also wonders why they have that subject since she is taking nursing course. As we talked about it I do really could tell that she needs statistics help. All those statistics problems and statistics questions that her teacher gave to them are …


My hubby is feeding this ant for days now. Well he doesn't like to squeeze this little fella but I like though. Anyhow, I ended up taking a macro picture of this ant and I noticed the shadow too. This is what I come up with.
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