A scent

As far as I could remember I love cologne or perfume. I love candles that has a very soft garden scent. When I was in high school and college I can't buy cologne or perfume it is expensive for me lol. But when I started to have my own money, I started to buy cologne or perfume and I like it that will last the whole day. How I long at those time to buy more expensive perfumes but I just couldn't afford it. Anyhow, when  I meet my hubby he asked me one time if what I do like. Well if you are a woman what you like then of course I told her jewelries (not much) and perfume etc. Later did I knew that he send me

grass scented perfume through fedex  and from then on I was hooked to the scent. I haven't imagine there is such thing as grass scented perfume not in a million years but I was so impressed by the scent that until now  I do love it.


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