Invest in gold

My MIL passed away almost 6 years ago and she left behind gold coins that are not worthless ^_^. After, six years of her passing her children decided to divide among themselves what was left behind. They also found some silver in her box. I just wonder why it was not converted to money and why she kept it there for a long time? My MIL did live a very good life, worked hard, and love by her children. Her only vice is to keep her hair done every week. LOL! And she is happy about it then. 
Last night, hubby and I were talking about his childhood life working and enjoying farm work with his parents. They don't know nothing about investing in gold. Now on tv we heard and watched  gold news all the time. That is why it makes me and my family knew and dig more deeper on this matter specially it involves investing our money. And just like what hubby had said it is not only gold but other precious metals too that are worth investing for. In this economic turmoil only gold coins and precious metals has the stability to stand what is happening around. 


♥ Kathy said…
I have a collection of coins that I would never sell....they're sentimental even if they are worth money :)

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