Vinyl Shutters

Spring has sprung and it's time to do some make over around the house. Hubby and I are talking last Monday about our front window. It was kind of huge and if not with the curtain we could be seen from the road lol! But I like it though because the morning sun light will come in and it makes the inside of the living room warm. I did shopped some of the cleaning effects last Monday because I promise to hubby that I am going to clean the window as in speck and span clean. But one thing that I noticed in our window is that it lacks vinyl shutters and for me a window without a vinyl shutters is not a window. So I told hubby that for this year these would be our project to put a vinyl shutters. I have seen houses that has vinyl shutters and it does really look so attractive. I suggested it would be a bit reddish in color because the house wall paint is a bit yellow. I am so excited today because hubby is searching for a good deal and he told me that I will be surprise this couple of days. Now I am waiting ^_^. 


♥ Kathy said…
Surprises are always nice :)

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