This coming Saturday hubby and I are going to attend his son's wedding. Of course, since it is a formal occasion I have to look sharp lol! But my problem is I can't see a little bit far without wearing an eyewear and the bad part is that I don't like contact lens my eyes get misty all the time and I know I won't be able to enjoy the party. I told hubby that I need a new eyewear for the occasion and I showed him my old one. Gush, my old one we bought was an expensive one  but it doesn't look expensive at all. Hubby was so bad about it because he bought his eyewear at the same store too. Thankfully, we found online an eyewear that is not costly and it does look like very expensive. When I showed the site to my hubby he didn't hesitate to order it immediately as in ASAP!


♥ Kathy said…
awesome! glad you'll be sporting new specs at the wedding :-)

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