RRC: Anything in threes

Kids are hard to photograph ^_^. So while I was in a party and found the kids playing and running around I took a photo of them and they were thrilled about it. Here's my three's.
                                             More photograph of three's here at Round Robin 


Jama said…
The kids are so adorable! I like the way you photographed them, from 3 kids down to 2 then one.
Sherrie said…
Wonderful shots of the kids! They look like they are having a wonderful time at the party. Have a great day!

Sherrie's Stuff
Linda said…
Nothing like trying to capture a moving target! :-) Great photos of the children.
fredamans said…
Laughing children make the best subjects.

wenn said…
they were so happy!
sunflowerkat321 said…
You're right, kids can be a real challenge to photograph. You did a nice job with these cutie pies!
Monica said…
Those candid smiles are the BEST! What a great entry that is sure to make everyone who stops by smile. =) Have a great weekend.
Carly said…
Hi Manang Kim :)


They are little cuties! Very clever, photographing them 1,2,3! EXCELLENT! I have missed your participation, I hope you can join us again soon!

Always, Carly
Nancy said…
So cute! Well done!


Suzanne R said…
Such cute pictures of the kids in threes (3, then 2, then 1, as well). I love the big smiles on their faces and I'm sure they were laughing. That's very contagious!
Gattina said…
How cute ! and so full of joy !

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