Love Statistics?

Well guys and gals I am not talking about vital statistics but the statistics taught in the school ^_^. I was in 3rd year college when part of my minor subject is statistics. Me as not a math lover hated it, even if I haven't seen what is really statistics but because for what I have heard that it is very hard and the teacher of that subject is mean and the teacher love to gave a failing grades I am already scared.  One time somebody asked me why I don't like math when I am an accounting major? Hmm, I thought about it but in accounting I see it as using the basic math  and not the hard way. This morning I chatted my niece and she told me about her subject in nursing course and that is statistics. I told her welcome to the real world!! She also wonders why they have that subject since she is taking nursing course. As we talked about it I do really could tell that she needs statistics help. All those statistics problems and statistics questions that her teacher gave to them are just too difficult she asked me if she can find a statistics tutor. I do understand my niece so much that I told her to find it online and that try to asked the teacher itself if she could do tutoring. 
And that is also what happened to my step-daughter who is taking respiratory tech in one of our colleges here. She been out in school for how many decades,lol!! And so therefore she forgot everything what is statistics and all these complicated math all about.  The other day she told us that she had a hard time too with her statistics subject but I told he that there is a free Statistics help online and that all statistics answers and questions will be found in there. I told her not to hesitate to ask for help because there is always here 24/7. 


♥ Kathy said…
I tried to count back to the last time I was in school but then I got scared and stopped...LOL

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