Remember my cousin who works in London as a nurse? And she is going to be wed next month? Well, I had a chance to chat with her last night  and she told me that amidst with her busy schedule at the hospital she and her fiance was able to pull out some of their time together to prepare for their wedding. They are both nurses and though they have friends but they don't have families there. So they themselves are the one who basically prepare for their wedding. Thankfully, because of this new generation and everything could be found on the internet she got all what she wanted from searching online.  I remember one time she ask me how is she going to put all the pictures in the wedding albums since they got back to work immediately after their honeymoon and for sure they don't have much time to do that. So I told her that is not a problem everything is online I told her to check if somebody around her area can prepare a wedding photo album  for her. And she ever corrected me by telling wedding photo albums because she said it would be at least more than two lol!! We were laughing and I told her how many would be her wedding albums it doesn't matter as long as somebody could prepare it professionally. 
That is why last night as we chatted on the internet she was happy to tell me that she found somebody who could prepare their wedding albums professionally and it doesn't cost a lot! Well I told her that is a good news for them who are busy bodies! So gone where the days when it takes us forever to put the pictures in the album. Thanks a many for that!  ^_^


♥ Kathy said…
congrats to the bride and groom!

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