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Yellow Dahlia

My Dahlia
My first ever to plant Dahlia's and I didn't know that if it's already in fall I have to dig the root or tuber for me to plant next year. Though there are two options, to leave it in winter but covered it with a thick mulch or to dig it up and store in cool dry place. I decided I'd rather leave it in the ground and covered it with a lot of dried leaves, then covered it again with plastic then covered it with dry leaves. That is my own experiment if next year it will grow back it's a success ^_^. If it's not then I am going to buy more Dahlia's because this flowers are just pretty. My yellow Dahlia is huge like giant size while the red dahlia which is at the right side is short and the flower is small. ^_^
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Photo Hunt: Public

It's Saturday once again and it's time for Photo Hunting. This week challenge is PUBLIC. Here is what I come up...
Public bridge

                                 Public house(hotel) and public park
                                    Open to the public ^_^
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Frankly speaking..

I am thankful and my siblings could attest to this, that my parents teach us not to look down upon a persons shortcomings, weaknesses and downfall. Rather, be a friend in the true sense of the word and treat everybody nicely because my parents believe of this phrase "what you sow is what you reap".  Growing up I have friends who are are gays and lesbians and frankly speaking they are very nice to hang out. They are such wonderful persons and I enjoyed their company. They are the same as we are, they have feelings and they get hurt. Back in the Philippines my gay friends are doing good and every time I have a chance to chat with them I have a good time and I laugh like there is no tomorrow haha. They are such good people. This morning I just knew that one of my gay friend is coming here for a visit. His sister is working in CA and he is asking me where to visit and where to hang out. Of course, I would love him to enjoy his stay here in the US so I point out to him some good Ho…

You and the baby

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of CryoCell International. All opinions are 100% mine.

My DH granddaughter just delivered a beautiful baby girl last Thursday. She weights 6 lbs and some inches. She had complete five fingers and five toes. Two eyes and two ears ^_^. Jokingly aside that is what parents do when a baby is  born to checked if something is in the right place ^_^. 
I remember when my sister delivered her second  child. It was hurtful because the baby died. It was the first time we loss a child and my sister and my mom was devastated by it. When my sister delivered her last child, she was a bit premature and seem like weak. So she stayed in the incubator or days and my sister will go to the nursery room to breastfeed her. It's not fun to loss a baby nor see them sick. I was in the nursery room and I see my niece for the first time inside the incubator I felt sick too. I like to burst in tears but somebody should be strong. When I was close to the incubator…

When you are alone and old?

What we did yesterday is to help my DH aunt in arranging and packing her stuff. Her husband which is my DH uncle just passed away last February and since they had a big house she don't like living there anymore. He had three children all grown up but two are out of the states and the other one lives nearby but they don't have a great relationship to each other. While I was packing there helping her put all her canned goods to a plastic container my mind is running 160 miles per hour ^_^. I was thinking living alone is not fun at all specially when you are in your twilight days. In her age she should be playing her grandkids and just make life easy. Uprooting the place that she live in for 50 years is not as good too. She had plenty of memories etched every corner of the house and I could tell she is feeling it but she doesn't have anyone.  I know my Aunt will have a hard time living in a Senior apartment with a little space but who needs big house and all the stuff when her…

Virtual dating

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In this time and generation  dating has plenty of style now a days. Back when I was growing up in the Philippines we had the usual and laid back style of dating. The man should visit the lady at home. It is a taboo if you would meet the lady in the street or any restaurant. Nowadays it's a different. We already knew that there is such thing as virtual dating and as I look at it there is nothing wrong with it.  I meet my wonderful husband online. We started emailing each other until I asked him if he knew how to chat and if he had a webcam. He didn't know all of those and so I have to teach him how to do it and we are thousand of miles a part he is here in MI and I was in the Philippines. It was a little hard on my part because I had to do the chatting in another website, put my photos in another website, chat to him in another website it's almost like at the end you are at a lost. Th…

Americas Stadium

Wow where the hour goes today we've been out for the whole day helping my DH Aunt move from her house to  a senior apartment complex. Living in their house for 50 years she couldn't even believe how much they accumulated they've got a lot of stuff. And later in the afternoon, my SIL called my DH to have a dinner at her house because my BIL and his wife is here from Texas. It was good seeing them after so long and my DH had fun talking with his brother and it's kind of nice to see them together once again.  This brother of my DH who is from Texas started talking about baseball games. And him and my DH nephew loves to play any kind of ballgames, I guess because they are younger hehe. Anyway, he told everybody that in buying a baseball ticket we have to go online and check . It's where him and his family back in Texas do all the time. They love to go to any baseball stadium just to follow his favorite baseball team or watch concert. My nephew said that…

Friday My Town Shoot-Out~For Barry

That yellow flower is so rich and alive! You have done a wonderful job capturing the vibrancy of yellow.
I'm starting to think maybe yellow is my favorite colour. March 19, 2010 11:09 AM
Beautiful photo, lovely colours and a very subtle and sophisticated use of bokeh! April 2, 2010 8:32 AM

There is nothing like children to bring a smile to your face and a giggle to your heart. April 16, 2010 5:37 AM

What an interesting way to present a menu.
Now I'm hungry and ready to experiment with that whitefish. June 5, 2010 8:36 AM

I've been to Niagara Falls many times and often wondered abut stopping in at the Ripley Museum. After seeing your photos I guess its something I will just have to do! June 11, 2010 5:53 AM
These are the words that Barry leave at my post. I may not know him personally but I do missed him. The last two weeks before he died he didn't leave any comments anymore I wonder if he was already too ill, I wonder if he suffered a lot, it makes me sad.  By his words, I could te…

Sky Watch Friday~Fiery

This is what our sky looks like last Friday. Hubby and I were watching the news when I noticed that the sun reflection on my curtain is reddish. I grabbed my camera went out and here it was we just had a fiery sky.
                                                              South side of the farm


                                                                   Ain't that pretty!
                    Look for more beautiful skies around the world here at SKY WATCH FRIDAY

Freshly picked

It did rain thankfully my veggies had a good drink of rain water and also my flowers. This morning, as I used to do every morning I went to the garden and checked my veggies. I am not so happy about my okra and eggplant there is no flowering blossoms a sign that a fruit will gonna perk out. But I had several tomatoes already, zucchini and summer squash. I was looking for cucumber and I don't think if we had planted cucumber but hubby insisted we had at least that I can't say yes, yet! I planted cherry tomato, grape tomato and hubby likes the huge one. Today I ate what I picked right in the garden it's delish and sweetah!

Planning a Wedding Online

Planning a Wedding Online
Content by Kyle Lowe
My wife and I had a really fun time planning our wedding. We knew that it would be tough, but we also knew that planning a lot of it online would make the process much easier. Our wedding was in Hawaii so we booked everything from the venue to the minister using our hughsnet satellite internet connection. Using the Internet allowed us to free up a ton of time to focus on more specific wedding details. Since everything was online, including our meetings with prospective vendors, we were able to enjoy most of the process in the comfort of our own home. No matter what your wedding destination or plan is, booking online will allow for a smoother, less hectic planning process. Will you still experience the normal ups and downs that come along with planning a wedding? Sure you will. Nothing takes away from classic wedding planning stress, but booking and planning online definitely makes it much easier. Every reputable wedding vendor is available for…

Would it rain?

It looks like it will rain but it's not what the heck? Anyway, my plants needs rain water and I want to save rain water for my special flowers. Right now I am home alone and what I do is to do the laundry. Cleaning will be set aside for now because I am busy. The fish is in the process of thawing and I am thinking I am going to make fish soup because my horse radish is giving me enough leaves for me to mix and cook with fish.  The other day hubby and I were weeding at the garden and I cheated on him hahaha. He was weeding so much I am narrating him stories what a good way to elude work haha. But I didn't leave him until he was done I was done with my stories too and he enjoyed it a lot!!  This is my horse radish or kamungay in Cebuano or malungay in Tagalog. A candidate for my viand today ^_^

Branson, Missouri

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hiltons of Branson. All opinions are 100% mine.

What is in your mind when you hear this two name Branson, Missouri? For us it's the best entertainment and the place that you would not miss to visit and enjoy. I have seen a lot of pictures from my friends who went at Branson, Missouri and their feedback it's beautiful, the best place to be entertained, plenty of good places to visit and beautiful hotels to choose from. And speaking of hotels it's nice to stay and enjoy the vacation if we knew that the hotel that we are going to stay is fabulous and not just a "hotel".  Just like Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel are you not kidding me? As I look at their website this hotel is fabulous and gorgeous! I can already imagine myself what we are going to do when we are there specially at night, this hotel sparkles! And what about Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing their package deal is over the top!! As in they giv…

Charter is the best!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Charter. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you kidding me? We've been a customer for Charter since 2004, well since I arrived here in MI. It's the only cable provider that hubby like in the beginning and until. And as I myself love to watched movie and tv shows until in the wee hour in the morning Charter is the best for me. Remember last year when there was a change of analog we had no problem with that because Charter is ready to the change.  The most part that I love Charter is there On Demand home page it's where I have to check out what's the latest and what's coming. I love movies and every time I do feel like watching movies I just flip my remote to the on demand button and voila all the movies and tv shows that I haven't watch yet is there waiting for me! My DH daughter  told me the other day that in facebook she is already a fan of Charter on demand and  I checked it out it's true You will ‘Like’ thei…

Skin care products, do I?

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Dermajuv Skin Care Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you sometimes compare the skin of a baby to an adult? Do you notice the huge difference? When I reach the age of 40 I noticed how my skin change a lot. When you are in the age of 20 your skin is soft and clear, though  sometimes I have pimple but not that much when I was in my adolescent years. I remember my mom used to do her nightly ritual with some kind of cream and I just told to myself at that time I would never used it. Well, that opinion change drastically, because the  good news is that we have  skin care products now a days who can take care of my skin. Goodbye to mom's old cream and hello to the new ones. I love to tell everybody that new  skin care products are easy to reach avail this wonderful opportunity because I did!

ABC Wednesday~B


                                                        burgundy color (one of my hollyhocks)

                                                                          Beautiful Bee

                                                                              Bugs life
                                           More letter B's to see here at ABC Wednesday

Summer Safety Tips for Kids

Guest post written by my buddy Irene Hodge

Summer is here and your children are out of school and ready to play in the sun! But are you ready? Accidents can happen but there are things you can do to make sure that your kids stay safe. When you leave your children home alone, remember to tell them not to answer the door or the phone unless it's you. Teach them how to call 9-1-1 in case of an emergency and make sure you have a home security alarm installed in your house. Recently I found out where to get home security cameras in Michigan. If you are leaving your child alone, they should be old enough to know how to keep safe in the house, but make sure you reinforce what they should do. For the younger kids, they are going to want to spend a lot of time outside playing in the sun and riding their bicycles. Make sure they're always wearing sun block of at least SPF 50. They have even higher SPFs available now, some as high as 100+. That might be best for your children. When they …

Healthy body

Wow it's another Monday morning and it's the end week of the month of July. How time flies so quick sometimes you don't where all those days go. Summer will be gone almost and Fall will come then we have shorter days and longer night soon. Here in MI when it's summer people stayed late at night because many love the sun and hang out outside. There is something in the sun that makes people feel alive. I was asked one time with my step-daughter if back in the Philippines it's always hot. I said yes, as in hot and humid. I remember me and my mom will slept on the wood floor in the afternoon since wood is much cooler and we open the windows to let the air breeze cool off our entire house. This week, hubby is not feeling that well. We went to a friend's house for her swimming party and I could tell he is not feeling good. Thankfully, their are also men who came with their wife and he enjoyed talking with them. And you know men when they talked just like women it goes…