Americas Stadium

Wow where the hour goes today we've been out for the whole day helping my DH Aunt move from her house to  a senior apartment complex. Living in their house for 50 years she couldn't even believe how much they accumulated they've got a lot of stuff. And later in the afternoon, my SIL called my DH to have a dinner at her house because my BIL and his wife is here from Texas. It was good seeing them after so long and my DH had fun talking with his brother and it's kind of nice to see them together once again. 
This brother of my DH who is from Texas started talking about baseball games. And him and my DH nephew loves to play any kind of ballgames, I guess because they are younger hehe. Anyway, he told everybody that in buying a baseball ticket we have to go online and check . It's where him and his family back in Texas do all the time. They love to go to any baseball stadium just to follow his favorite baseball team or watch concert.
My nephew said that he had two tickets for Palace of Auburn Hills and Comerica Park not just for baseball games but also from different concerts. His wife loves to go to concert rain or shine. She said this year they had several concerts that featured famous celebrities and most of them are her favorites. That's why Jeff had to go online and purchase tickets for her. The good thing is that this two baseball stadium are just close to where we live. 
We were laughing setting there because it's the same thing with my DH brother's wife. She loves concert and he loves to go to baseball games. And since they live in Texas they love the Dallas Mavericks so therefore they had to go  watch them soon at American Airlines Center TX, and since they are from San Antonio they  had to drove there which they don't mind because they love doing it. They are both retired and their business are already run by their sons and daughters. It was kind of a funny because anywhere they go like in any state they visit they like to go watch concert or baseball games. And that is what they are going to do when they go to Missouri. They want to visit Branson, Missouri at the same time watch at Busch stadium her other favorite the St Louis Cardinals wohoo!!


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