When you are alone and old?

What we did yesterday is to help my DH aunt in arranging and packing her stuff. Her husband which is my DH uncle just passed away last February and since they had a big house she don't like living there anymore. He had three children all grown up but two are out of the states and the other one lives nearby but they don't have a great relationship to each other. While I was packing there helping her put all her canned goods to a plastic container my mind is running 160 miles per hour ^_^. I was thinking living alone is not fun at all specially when you are in your twilight days. In her age she should be playing her grandkids and just make life easy. Uprooting the place that she live in for 50 years is not as good too. She had plenty of memories etched every corner of the house and I could tell she is feeling it but she doesn't have anyone.
 I know my Aunt will have a hard time living in a Senior apartment with a little space but who needs big house and all the stuff when her other half is already gone. My DH aunt is a tough woman and I knew in this phase of her life  she will pass with flying colors I just do hope that she will hang to it with a smile on her face. 


Pam Ponder said…
lovely post, I hope she adjusts well...

I am a new follower I came over from Friday Follow over 40!!! I am a busy girl today trying to stop by all the over 40 blogs have a great weekend!!!

Peggy said…
I hope she adjusts to her new life. It tough and I can imagine very hard for her.
I am now following you through
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Peggy Gorman
Umma said…
That's my greatest fear actually.. Getting Old and no company. That would be the saddest moment of my life.

But here in US, a lot of folks prefer to live alone in the senior apartment, just like my grandma - she enjoys living in her place.. I guess it varies for every person.

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