You and the baby

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My DH granddaughter just delivered a beautiful baby girl last Thursday. She weights 6 lbs and some inches. She had complete five fingers and five toes. Two eyes and two ears ^_^. Jokingly aside that is what parents do when a baby is  born to checked if something is in the right place ^_^. 

I remember when my sister delivered her second  child. It was hurtful because the baby died. It was the first time we loss a child and my sister and my mom was devastated by it. When my sister delivered her last child, she was a bit premature and seem like weak. So she stayed in the incubator or days and my sister will go to the nursery room to breastfeed her. It's not fun to loss a baby nor see them sick. I was in the nursery room and I see my niece for the first time inside the incubator I felt sick too. I like to burst in tears but somebody should be strong. When I was close to the incubator I talked to the newly born baby and she smiled at me. That is the best thing that ever happened to me that I couldn't forget. 
I have known people who loss their child too and my heart goes to them. Now a days if women are apt to their doctors appointment and not miss it everything has a solution and each problem will be dealt professionally. To all moms and soon to be mom to  Enroll Today in this website is a way to avoid such catastrophic incident that no one would like it. It is better to know how to prevent it than looking for a cure right? Happy weekend everyone and enjoy!Visit my sponsor: Protect Baby, Protect Mom


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