Would it rain?

It looks like it will rain but it's not what the heck? Anyway, my plants needs rain water and I want to save rain water for my special flowers. Right now I am home alone and what I do is to do the laundry. Cleaning will be set aside for now because I am busy. The fish is in the process of thawing and I am thinking I am going to make fish soup because my horse radish is giving me enough leaves for me to mix and cook with fish. 
The other day hubby and I were weeding at the garden and I cheated on him hahaha. He was weeding so much I am narrating him stories what a good way to elude work haha. But I didn't leave him until he was done I was done with my stories too and he enjoyed it a lot!! 
This is my horse radish or kamungay in Cebuano or malungay in Tagalog. A candidate for my viand today ^_^ 


Ann said…
Sio in Cantonese means roasted. In Malaysia and Singapore, they call it char Siew bao. They use BBQ pork. Many Chinese migrated to the Philippines and I guest they brought their culinary delights.

Traditonally, they are steamed, but some people also bake them, like a pie.

I heard of your plant, but do not use it.
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