Frankly speaking..

I am thankful and my siblings could attest to this, that my parents teach us not to look down upon a persons shortcomings, weaknesses and downfall. Rather, be a friend in the true sense of the word and treat everybody nicely because my parents believe of this phrase "what you sow is what you reap". 
Growing up I have friends who are are gays and lesbians and frankly speaking they are very nice to hang out. They are such wonderful persons and I enjoyed their company. They are the same as we are, they have feelings and they get hurt. Back in the Philippines my gay friends are doing good and every time I have a chance to chat with them I have a good time and I laugh like there is no tomorrow haha. They are such good people.
This morning I just knew that one of my gay friend is coming here for a visit. His sister is working in CA and he is asking me where to visit and where to hang out. Of course, I would love him to enjoy his stay here in the US so I point out to him some good Hotels. I told him it's very important that the hotel he would stay is secure and a place he would enjoy. Then I point him some Coffee shops and Restaurants that I knew he would love to hang out too. I knew he would have a ball in all these places. I just wish I could be with him but since I am here in MI I just told him to be in touch all the time. 
I am so happy that even if we haven't see each other for quite sometime now he didn't forget me and as I have said he emailed and I do appreciate that he take what I have told him. I knew he would be happy in his stay here. His itinerary is Las Vegas area and San Francisco, Castro area. Good luck to you my friend I wish you could find somebody to love? ^_^


Jingle said…

hope that you enjoy one or two awards there.
Happy End of July!

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