Virtual dating

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In this time and generation  dating has plenty of style now a days. Back when I was growing up in the Philippines we had the usual and laid back style of dating. The man should visit the lady at home. It is a taboo if you would meet the lady in the street or any restaurant. Nowadays it's a different. We already knew that there is such thing as virtual dating and as I look at it there is nothing wrong with it. 
I meet my wonderful husband online. We started emailing each other until I asked him if he knew how to chat and if he had a webcam. He didn't know all of those and so I have to teach him how to do it and we are thousand of miles a part he is here in MI and I was in the Philippines. It was a little hard on my part because I had to do the chatting in another website, put my photos in another website, chat to him in another website it's almost like at the end you are at a lost. That is why it takes him days to figure it out. If was available at that time we don't have a hard time. But it turns out that good anyways.
That is why when I chatted my sister who is back to single again, I told her to check out the website and to open an account because in doing that she could have 3 months Free if she upload her picture in there. She'd been hurt so many time and I do believe of the phrase that says " Virtual dates cause individuals to develop greater affinity toward one another when they actually meet" and I could agree it more because I experience it first hand. Visit my sponsor: Why Try Virtual Dating?


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